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First Official Halloween 2018 Movie Poster Highlights an Aged Michael Myers

Here it is Haddonfield heads! The first official Blumhouse Halloween movie poster just dropped and Holy Shatner, Michael is showing his age! In which case, I myself can completely appreciate as the sequel is set in the present 40 years after the first Haddonfield Halloween incident in 1978, (which makes Michael 61 in the film).

First Official Halloween 2018 Movie Poster Highlights an Aged Michael Myers

While we don’t know a ton of details on what to expect from Blumhouse’s new take on the slasher grand-daddy helmed by David Gordan Green and co-written by Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley, we do know all other Halloween films, as we know it, are being disregarded, including the whole Myers and Laurie being related angle. However, the 2018 movie will pay homage to them in some sort of way, presumably with some fun Easter Eggs. Reports have come in stating that Jason Blum has seen a cut of the film in recent weeks and is “extremely happy” with the result.

The film has Halloween alumni Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) returning to settle a score one more time with Myers, who is being taken on by the original Shape himself, Nick Castle along with James Jude Courtney.  Judy Greer is also cast as the role of Laurie’s daughter, Karen Strode. The Godfather of Myers John Carpenter is heading the film’s score along with an Executive Producer credit with fellow producers, Jason Blum and Malek Akkad.

Halloween will be in theaters on October 19th.

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Joe Bob Briggs Hosting a 24-Hour Horror Marathon This June On Shudder!

And on the seventh day, the Horror Gods revived a beloved program to the wonder and excitement of fans everywhere- Joe Bob Briggs is back folks!

Joe Bob Briggs Hosting a 24-Hour Horror Marathon This June On Shudder!


Nothing really grabs our horror nostalgic feelers by the balls quite like the scary-movie-weekend-marathons with a horror-host-with-the-most. With the height of the slasher era in the ’80s and ’90s, many local stations from around the country offered this sort of sweet deal with a local celebrity pimped out in a killer horror-style get-up. However, nationally speaking, TNT gave us the beautiful program Monstervision with the sarcastic-infused cinephile cowboy Joe Bob Briggs in 1995. And it was love at first sight.

Fans have been clamoring for “one last call” with the witty Briggs and Monstervision for some time now via the almighty and powerful interwebs. Well, it seems that that request has finally been answered as it’s been announced the Briggs will return, this time on Shudder, for a 24-hour horror marathon on Friday, June 22, 2018. The announcement of the date was made by Briggs’ via his personal social media, however, at this time it’s mysteriously nowhere to be found. Which could be due to multiple reasons. However, that is the date as of now and if anything changes or I get in trouble here for throwing that particular day out there, I’ll update this article accordingly and pull that 10-gallon hat down shrouding my shameful face.

In any regard, we’re all just excited that Joe Bob is making a much-deserved return and who knows, maybe AMC FEARFEST will smarten up and bring him into the 2018 line-up! It’s worth mentioning anyway.


Per a representative of Joe Bob Briggs, it seems the announcement concerning the date isn’t set in stone quite yet, (hence the missing social media post). However, the Shudder marathon is still a-go for June with an official date coming soon! Will update this article when it drops.

Trick Or Treat Studios Is Making An Officially Licensed Child’s Play 2 Good Guy Doll! Here’s How To Grab One!

Andy is gonna be pissed.

Over the years, we’ve seen many variants of everyone’s favorite Good Guy in toy and collectible form come and go- but never something like this! Trick or Treat Studios recently launched a Kickstarter dedicated to the making of the most LEGIT looking Good Guy doll to date! The campaign has already passed it’s $100,000 goal in the past 48 hours, which means this is definitely happening. Which is fantastic news for fans of the little plastic hellion and the Child’s Play series, because hell, we’ve been asking for this for YEARS!

The full-size replica is made entirely of used screen molds from Child’s Play 2, so it’ll be like you just nabbed one off one that factory shelf from the film!

The Officially Licensed One-To-One Scale Child’s Play 2 Chucky Doll is the most screen accurate Child’s Play Product ever produced. Every detail of this doll is made from actual screen used molds, including the clothing which was replicated using actual screen used swatches.The body of the doll has a wire frame surrounded by a soft flexible foam to allow you to pose your doll anyway you’d like.

The Kickstarter began with two main pledge levels, but the higher of the two, which included an exclusive certificate signed by the voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif, Trick or Treat Studios VP of Art Direction, Justin Mabry and Trick or Treat Studios President, Chris Zephro, have sold out at the time of this article. However, you can still grab your Good Guy for $500, which will come along with any little goodies that coincide with stretch goals.


A Reboot of Stephen King’s “The Stand” Miniseries Coming to CBS? Either Way, It’s Long Overdue…

If this turns out to be another dead end to a much-needed revival of one of Stephen King’s greatest achievements, I’m going to plague the interwebs with my fury and wrath in such a way they’ll be begging for mercy from Captain Trips.

Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic. However, I’ve been burned before with the hopes of a glorious and deserved reboot of my favorite novel. So, forgive me going forward.

A Reboot of Stephen King's "The Stand" Miniseries Coming to CBS? Either Way, It's Long Overdue...

Anyway, by now you may have heard the news across the interwebs that the thought to be a dead project of Josh Boone’s reboot of The Stand, is in fact not dead at all. Just on hold for now and actually has a future residency with CBS All Access in the form of a 10-hour long miniseries event. The word comes from the sometimes accurate Hollywood Tracking Board. Although I’m hopeful, I do have my reservations as talks of this deserved reboot have been an on and off thing for a few years now.

The post-apocalyptic, 800+ page novel by the literary master of horror published in 1978, eventually made its way into the cinematic world as most of Kings’ books tend to do. With a story such in-depth as The Stand, a two-hour film would never suffice, so out came a 6-hour miniseries in 1994 to the ABC network. While the miniseries starring the talents of Gary Sinise, Shawnee Smith, and Rob Lowe is an enjoyable series to revisit time and again, the story itself is definitely overdue for a modern makeover with today’s technology. I mean, the effects certainly aren’t as terrible as the made-for-tv The Langoliers, but I’d put it in the same ball-park for sure.

Just look at that cheese-whiz! Mind you, it doesn’t bother me that much, but for a Stephen King adaptation we can do a lot better, can’t we?

Image result for the langoliers gif

Also, it would be nice to see a proper tribute to the novel that is widely considered, one of King’s best pieces of work. Let’s just make sure we get Crispin Glover to play Trashcan Man, deal?

Funko Launching REAL Horror Cereal This June Featuring Freddy, Elvira, and He-Man!

Remember when you would pop a squat in your bean bag chair with a hefty bowl of whatever sugary preference of artificial flavors happened to line your parent’s wooden pantry? You’d sip on your Ecto-Cooler that sat promptly on your metal TMNT tray, and binged watched Saturday morning splendor like it was nobody’s business. The only thing that made this routine miles more glorious, was if said cereal box was brank-stinkin’ -new. Becuase this meant you had first dibs on the mystery toy inside powdered with cereal residue.

Yeah. Once upon time brands like General Mills, Post, and other various distributors gave us prizes in our boxes of Fruity Pebbles. This practice of the extra incentive seems to have been, for the most part, a dying trend. As we rarely see this at all these days. Kind of a bummer, yeah? Well, I bring today the news from atop the marshmallow mountain that will make all your Saturday morning cereal dreams of nostalgia flavored milk come true! Collectible toy company Funko is releasing REAL HORROR and POP CULTURE CEREALS THIS SUMMER. With mini-funkos encased in every box!


Image result for mini funko gif

 Yes, as cereal-loving nostalgic adults we can partake once again in the treasure hunt for our own little toys (that we actually want) courtesy of the popular Funko brand! In an exclusive yesterday with Coronado Eagle & JournalFunko founder Michael Becker laid out the news that these cereals’ will roll out June of 2018 and feature the likes of Freddy (which includes an all-new Freddy mini POP!), Beetlejuice, and the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira!

Per CEJ:

“One of the fun things is we are about to release our own line of cereal, with a mini-Pop inside. We got all the cool licenses like He-Man, Wonder Woman, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Freddy Krueger and our own Freddy Funko. We start shipping to stores in June and we have the distribution set up and the product is pre-sold. It’s just one more of those feel-good Funko items. I used to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings while I was eating cereal. There are prizes in the cereal and it will sell for $7.99 a box. When you add milk to the Freddie Kruger cereal, it looks blood red. With the Beetle Juice cereal, when you add milk it looks like slime. The idea is to sell the cereal to retailers who carry collectibles. We can’t compete with Kellogg’s at Ralphs. We think people will buy one box to stock and one to rock. They’ll probably open one box and enjoy it and never touch the other one, because it’s a collectible.”


He hit the nail on the head there. I’ll most definitely be buying two of each. One to pig-out with, and the other to sit on my shelf decaying into cereal heaven of righteousness. Look for these at your local collectible retailers and online stores!

Tom Holland Announced He’s Writing “Fright Night 3” and Bringing Back the Comic Series!

You’re so cool Tom Holland.

In case you’re oblivious Brewster, (and that’s ok, nobody’s perfect) legendary cinematic horror writer Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night) announced today via social media that he is returning to Charley and Amy’s universe of vampire shenanigans with a return to the old comic series and new novel- Fright Night 3!

Now, if that doesn’t get your retro fuzzies tingling by Jove…

Image result for fright night 1985 gif

The comic series published by NOW Comics spun off from the original 1985 film and had a respectable run beginning in October of 1988 all the way through the Summer of 1990. The series consisted of 22 issues total with a bonus of five very special issues along the way.

In the comment section, Holland tells fans he’s writing Fright Night 3 as a novel, which is just as exciting as the comic announcement itself! For those of you who still have your comics tucked away in your closet or in your mom’s attic somewhere; dust them off damn you and get ready for another round of these truly goreious horror treasures from Holland’s world of horror!

Netflix Series “The Toys That Made Us” Season 2 Confirmed With Hints of Possible Lineup!

Ahhhh… Those sweet, sweet smells of plastic glory and nostalgia are coming back for another round of Netflix binge-worthy programming. The Toys That Made Us is officially confirmed for a second season!

My heart is so happy.



Making its debut last December on the streaming giant, the short four-episode series that featured childhood relics’ such as G.I. JOE, Star Wars, Barbie, and He-Man/ Masters of the Universe was a Christmas gift beyond expectations for us retro toy geeks. The educational trip down memory lane was glorious indeed, it left people like yours truly over here, drooling for further episodes. While we still have the second-half of season one on the way featuring stories behind LEGO, Transformers, Hello Kitty and Star Trek, (coming within the next few months) the thought of another ringing of the Liberty Bell of Nostalgia with our favorite pieces of plastic playthings, just gives me all the fuzzies. And, thanks to an interview with Den of Geek, brainchild of the series Brian Volk-Weiss speaks on what HE wants to focus on for the anticipated second season.

*Mind you, these aren’t confirmed but if that’s the man in charge, I’d expect to see at least one, or all of these in upcoming episodes!

No release date has been announced as of now, but I’ll only assume another slot around Christmas 2018, might be a good guess. In the meantime, can we get a Rainbow Brite episode, please?

New “Karate Kid” Series Reverses Good/Bad Guy Roles With Daniel and Johnny

Daniel is showing Johnny no mercy with a load of trash talk in new Karate Kid series, Cobra Kai.  I guess some rivalries never really get squared away!

Recently, Youtube Red released a full-length trailer for the upcoming 10-episode series Cobra Kai. Which continues the story from the original 1984 Karate Kid film 34 years later starring the loveable Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and former Cobra Kai douchebag Johnny (William Zabka). As we’re all aware, time changes people, and from the looks of the trailer, it seems that we have a clear situation of role-reversal here setting the stage for what may be, the All Valley Karate Tournament rematch we’ve all been waiting for!

If you recall from the original film, Johnny was told to sweep the leg. Now sure, Johnny was a total dick throughout the whole movie. However, he clearly expressed hesitation in further harming Daniel, especially with an illegal move.

karate kid series gif

But hey, a kick to the face is totally acceptable, right? In the film, the rules in the tournament state, “Everything above your waist is a point. You can hit the head, sternum, kidneys, ribs.” Ok, cool. But, if this were based on a real match, Daniel would have been disqualified himself for such a hard blow to Johnny’s mug. Not trying to start some shit here. Just stating science facts.

karate kid


Anyway, back to the series. The trailer opens with the kick heard around the world back in 1984. We then fast forward 34 years later (geez that makes me feel old) to a presumably down and out Johnny walking into a car dealership owned by none other than his former high-school punching bag, Daniel Larusso. And to be quite honest, Daniel is pretty much a total dick to him. Maybe he deserves a little ragging, maybe not. That’s not for to decide. Either way, it’s pretty hilarious in any regard. However, it’s clear without Mr. Miyagi around anymore, Daniel is struggling to find his balance in life.

Johnny, who is seeking some sort of redemption, reopens the infamous Cobra Kai dojo and mentors a bullied teen named Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), in pure Karate Kid formula.

Cobra Kai crane kicks onto Youtube Red May 2, 2018. Will you be watching this old rivalry come full circle? As long as there’s more trash talk, I’m all in!



Rebooted ATARIBOX Now Atari VCS, Revealed With New Details

Visions of nostalgic 8-bit asteroids are dancing in my head. The glorious wooden beast of retro gaming is back with a vengeance. Behold, the Atari VCS!

Growing up in the 80’s, chances are the Atari 2600 was the first gaming system to sit alongside your Sony STR-414L AM/FM Program Receiver and massive wooden console TV.  And even more probable was the fact it was a shared toy between you and your siblings, resulting in arguments over who had first play dibs on Haunted House. Which, in turn, may have resulted in you throwing that heavy as a bag-of-kitty-litter-lumpy shit joystick (at least it felt that way anyway) at your little brother’s head after he threw one of his obnoxious tantrums, thus winning the first round of 8-bit gameplay.

Or, maybe that was just me. Eh, I’m sure you guys have similar stories too.

retro atari


In any regard, the Atari console is the epitome of gaming nostalgia and with news coming last year on the half retro console, and half modern platform reboot of the system releasing for public consumption soon (or so we thought), all the sweet smells of that joystick rubber grip came flooding back like a waterfall of E.T. cartridges hitting the city dump. With a delay back in December of this anticipated console for retro gamers, earlier this week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, a proper name was given to Atari’s dive back into the gaming market. Behold, the Atari VCS!

Image result for atari vcs

Image via

While most of the details surrounding the modern-looking childhood relic remain somewhat of a mystery, we did get a look at the two controllers that will be available with the system (seen above). While one resembles the original stick of turmoil with a modern twist, the other mocks an X-BOX feel. Which I would assume would make gameplay just a tad easier. Hey, it’s what we’re used to these days, am I right? In addition, Atari did say that the Atari VCS will be built around a custom Radeon GPU and will be capable of running Linux offering an array of classic Atari games along with a “new  video computer system to change the way you interact with your TV, just as the original Atari 2600 Video Computer System first did more than 40 years ago.” via Forbes.

Whatever that means…

Other than that vague explanation from Atari reps, an announcement will be made sometime in April on pre-order dates, and hopefully, some more details on this mysteriously modernized wooden-top piece of gamer fuzzies.

Stay tuned…

Rebooted ATARIBOX Now Atari VCS, Revealed With New Details

“Halloween 2018” Will Pay Homage to Every Other “Halloween” Movie

That means we’ll get a Silver Shamrock tribute, right?!

Here at Nightmare Nostalgia, we don’t really cover too many current events and films, with the exception of course to anything referencing throwbacks to classics. However, this is Halloween, and the return of the one and only Nick Castle as “The Shape”. So yeah, I don’t really think I need to give any further explanation.


 Related image


Anyway as you may, or hey may not have heard, Halloween 2018 is set to be a straight sequel to the 1978 immortal classic with John Carpenter producing and overseeing the ominous score. And of course, one of the most beloved scream queens of our generation Jaimie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode. It doesn’t really get any better than that folks. That is until news coming exclusively from Flickering Myth this morning via an interview with co-writer Danny McBride who says the new film will hold references to the other Halloween films in the franchise.


“This picks up after the first one. The Halloween franchise has kind of become a little bit of like choose your own adventure, you know like there’s some many different versions, and the timeline is so mixed up, we just thought it would be easier to go back to the source and continue from there. It was nicer than knowing you’re working on Halloween 11, it just seemed cooler, ‘we’re making Halloween 2‘. We do [reference the other movies]. For fans, we pay homage and respect to every Halloween that has been out there.”


With no official title yet other than Halloween, the film is helmed by David Gordon Green with a script by Green and Danny McBride. Along with Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle returning, the film stars Judy Greer (War for the Planet of the Apes, Archer), Andi Matichak (Orange Is the New Black), Will Patton (Shots Fired), Virginia Gadner (Runaways), Miles Robbins (Mozart in the Jungle), Dylan Arnold (Mudbound) and Drew Scheid (Stranger Things).

Hell unleashes on Haddonfield on October 19, 2018. Are you ready?! Stay tuned for further updates!


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Featured image via The Mad Butcher- Deviant Art