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A Reboot of Stephen King’s “The Stand” Miniseries Coming to CBS? Either Way, It’s Long Overdue…

If this turns out to be another dead end to a much-needed revival of one of Stephen King’s greatest achievements, I’m going to plague the interwebs with my fury and wrath in such a way they’ll be begging for mercy from Captain Trips.

Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic. However, I’ve been burned before with the hopes of a glorious and deserved reboot of my favorite novel. So, forgive me going forward.

A Reboot of Stephen King's "The Stand" Miniseries Coming to CBS? Either Way, It's Long Overdue...

Anyway, by now you may have heard the news across the interwebs that the thought to be a dead project of Josh Boone’s reboot of The Stand, is in fact not dead at all. Just on hold for now and actually has a future residency with CBS All Access in the form of a 10-hour long miniseries event. The word comes from the sometimes accurate Hollywood Tracking Board. Although I’m hopeful, I do have my reservations as talks of this deserved reboot have been an on and off thing for a few years now.

The post-apocalyptic, 800+ page novel by the literary master of horror published in 1978, eventually made its way into the cinematic world as most of Kings’ books tend to do. With a story such in-depth as The Stand, a two-hour film would never suffice, so out came a 6-hour miniseries in 1994 to the ABC network. While the miniseries starring the talents of Gary Sinise, Shawnee Smith, and Rob Lowe is an enjoyable series to revisit time and again, the story itself is definitely overdue for a modern makeover with today’s technology. I mean, the effects certainly aren’t as terrible as the made-for-tv The Langoliers, but I’d put it in the same ball-park for sure.

Just look at that cheese-whiz! Mind you, it doesn’t bother me that much, but for a Stephen King adaptation we can do a lot better, can’t we?

Image result for the langoliers gif

Also, it would be nice to see a proper tribute to the novel that is widely considered, one of King’s best pieces of work. Let’s just make sure we get Crispin Glover to play Trashcan Man, deal?