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Growing up, I always felt like the black sheep among the other girls at birthday parties. While other seven-year-old girls my age were playing with Totally Hair Barbie, I was making Creepy Crawler molds and slinging Madballs at my little brother’s head. They wanted to watch My Little Pony, even though I would go into great detail about how it was vitally important that I find out if Skeletor had finally gotten the better of the He-Fool.  Or better yet, the strange looks I would get when I suggested A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 for the Pretty, Pretty Princess sleepover.

While it may have seemed strange to others that the tiniest girl in the class had heroes in the form of Ninja Turtles and Randy Savage; over the years in the horror community no less, I’ve found other like-minded folk. (And thank meteor shit for that because I thought I was a dying breed stuck in Frank-n-Furter’s time warp). All of which has led me to start this little website as a tribute to the era that molded me into the weirdo I am today. A raw place on the wild interwebs for passionate people to read, write, and relish in nostalgic fuzzies. And maybe find some new movies to check out as well. From look-backs of yesteryear’s toys, games, and films to modern horror and pop culture- Welcome to Nightmare Nostalgia.

Come with meeeeeeeeee…

-Patti Pauley

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