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Warner Bros. Partners With Dr. Martins For Beetlejuice, Lost Boys, and Goonies Shoe Collaboration!

Nice fuckin’ Docs! Warner Bros. Studios is the latest to hop on the horror shoe train collabing with every goth’s favorite blister maker, Dr. Martins, and giving three different die-for shoes to choose from featuring some of the 80s’ very greatest in gothic horror.

The Beetlejuice 1461 shoe has been painted with Beetle Snake and enamel lace charms before being finished with a printed sock liner, graphic laces, and colored sole pads.

1461 received a second makeover for The Lost Boys in croc-embossed leather with vampire teeth lace charms and hardware.

Then, we have the 1460 boot for The Goonies. Embossed with a skull pattern ‘NEVER SAY DIE’ printed backstraps with a skull lace charm. Now those are some ass-kickin boots. LITERALLY.

At the time of writing this, many sizes have already been sold out but if you hurry, you may get to snag a pair of these amazing horror kicks for your feet! Check out directly to check availability!

“The Shining” Ax, “Jaws” Prop Fin, and More Up For Auction to Collectors!

Horror movie memorabilia and the horror fandom go hand in hand in a beautiful unholy matrimony of genre devotion; and now a couple of super lucky, and assumingly rich, fans get to own some of horror flick’s most coveted props.

I’m already insanely jealous.

The prop ax that Jack Nicholson used on-screen in the film is now available on the auction website Gotta Have Rock and Roll. The prop comes with “a 25 x 2.5 x 40.5 shadow box frame with photos from the film” for display and multiple documents that certify authenticity. At the time of writing this little diddy, a little less than a week remains on the auction, with the current bid standing at $60,000 with only three bidders waging war like Jack smashing down a door.

More attainable however financially speaking for us peasants, is a really cool JAWS prop fin. It’s described as in “very good condition” and of course also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Even better, there NO BIDS on this as of currently, which is wild to me as the minimum bid is only $1,000. Considering everything, that’s not a bad deal.

Anyways, if you have some money to blow, I wouldn’t be mad if you used it on this my nostalgic nuggets. Happy auctioning!

Kawhi Leonard Goosebumps Sneakers Dropping This Week From New Balance!

Credit: New Balance

Along with “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark“, R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” books were the ultimate horror gateway for young kids looking to expand their minds into a dark, but fun world of the genre. So, it’s no surprise here that we, now adults, nostalgic-driven fans have been getting hot doses of our childhood in cool collabs such as Horror Vans and cookbooks featuring the Garbage Pail Kids. Add to that now New Balance along with a collab with NBA Superstar and Goosebumps superfan Kawhi Leonard with a sneakerhead drop of Monster Blood proportions- The Goosebumps New Balance Sneaker!

According to, The Goosebumps sneaker is scheduled to drop this month on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at 10.00 am EST on the New Balance site and Footlocker.

Decked out with spooky Stine details, the shoe is a fine way to help celebrate the Goosebumps line of literary gold, which actually turns the dirty 30 this year!