‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ – Has Mecha-King Ghidorah Been Confirmed?!?

News broke today – according to Collider – that GVK on set witnesses confirm seeing King Ghidorah’s skull hooked up and ‘made technological.’

This is – pardon the pun – titanic news! My imagination is reeling with the announcement and my earliest speculations of Mecha-Ghidorah potentially showing up could be proving to be true!

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Soon as the initial trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong hit the internet it not only broke records but it left many fans clamoring around the rumor mills with growing obsessions over the possibility of seeing one of Godzilla’s greatest villains making its appearance in the MonsterVerse, Mechagodzilla!

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Not to mention certain toy companies revealed Mechagodzilla as part of their future lineup. It’s all but certain we’ll be seeing a Mecha version of the King of the Monsters in the upcoming film. However, recent news has given way to the strong possibility that perhaps we may get a different kind of Mecha monstrosity, one from the Heisei era.

According to Collider:

“We walked on to the set, and there was a gigantic Ghidorah skull that had been wired up and made technological,” collider’s Matt Goldberg wrote. “It’s one of the cooler sets I’ve been on as it looks like they had taken the organic matter of Ghidorah and mechanized it into some new kind of mechanized creature.”

Yes! My theory was right! I knew that severed head would come into play as some kind of Mecha weapon! Goddamn it’s fun to be right! Read here for more on the subject.

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This doesn’t confirm the appearance of Mecha-Ghidorah, who first appeared during the Heisei era and became an immediate fan favorite, but it does make it vastly more likely. It’s also possible the skull’s cells are powering none other than Mechagodzilla himself.

Unless we’re in for a double treat.

Two Mecha Monsters!

Now hear me out: you’ve heard me mention it before but we do have Godzilla bones still left untouched in the MonsterVerse that were introduced to us in 2014.

via Warner Bros and Legendary

We know these belong to Dagon, an old Titan and member of Godzilla’s rare species. I propose a possibility that would bring both Mecha terrors into the series.

Is it possible that Ghidorah’s skull is powering the tyrannical Mecha-King Ghidorah while Dagon’s bones power the Monsterverse’s Mechagodzilla?

“Oh no, Manic! You’ve gone mad with power!” Buah ha ha ha! I have indeed. But why not? I know that’s the direction I’d take us in if it were up to me. Go big or go home.

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Bottom Line
We’re getting a Godzilla vs. Kong movie, my Nasties! Can you believe it?! Even if the movie is nothing more than sixty minutes of those two famous monsters beating the shit out of each other it’ll be worth watching! This is a project I never thought could possibly happen and here I am writing (yet another) article about it.

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The two stars of the show are Godzilla and Kong, let’s not forget that and let speculations ruin our viewing experience. If all we get are those two big guys I’ll be thrilled. I strongly think there will be others in the movie, but Kong and Godzilla are the focus.

After all, speculating is helluva lot of fun, but they can raise expectations to unrealistic levels. So at the end of the day let’s celebrate our favorite monster and all the MonsterVerse is giving us.

Long Live the King!

The Greatest Character Entrance In A Film Ever (Mortal Kombat 1995)

The Summer of 1995 was as about as phenomenal in the pop culture aspect as you could get if you were a 90s kid. We were either singing every line of TLC’s “Waterfalls” or Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” on the way to the local theater to see the big Summer Blockbuster film. Movies like Clueless, Batman Forever, and Braveheart were some notable hits among our angsty teenage group. However, the BIG ONE everyone was waiting for arrived late in the game before school commenced, ensuring we’d all be spending our first day of class most likely in detention with trying to perfect that sidekick to the kidneys. And that film was, of course, MORTAL KOMBAT.

That totally fuckin’ happened too.

Image result for mortal kombat 1995 gif fight

On the heels of the surprise and highly awaited trailer for the new 2021 film dropped recently, I felt obligated in my soul to talk about one of the greatest damn intro entrances ever pulled-off in a movie.

August 18th, 1995 was the day of reckoning as myself and a group of friends took the bus down to our local nine-screen theater to get in line for the most anticipated event of the year. Anxious to see our favorite game of blood and guts played out on the big screen, we stood in line for the 6:00 PM showing that ended up being a sold-out show. Lucky for us, we got there early and avoided the dreaded front-row bullshit. As a then 13-year-old, I was pretty proud of my planning strategies. We nabbed some decent seats toward the back and with hearts pounding, heard that glorious techno music open our minds to a live-action presentation of the game stick-in-the-ass parents’ tried desperately to get banned from our “fragile little minds”.


Image result for mortal kombat 1995 gif it has begun

As we walked through each exciting introduction of familiar faces, none matched the simplistic execution of not one, but TWO of arguably, the game’s most popular characters- Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The scene is set up beautifully as a determined Sonya Blade is tracking Kano on the boat taking them to the tournament. As she’s scoping the the area, Shang Tsung steps out of the shadows like a creepy stalker to greet the military officer, and extends an invitation to give her a tour in the sense of a kidnapper offering candy to a kid. With Johnny Cage and Liu Kang following closely behind, they intervene and that’s when shit starts getting real.

The entire sold-out theater rumbled like a goddamn earthquake when the two ninjas stepped into the room. The thunderous applause of every 90s’ kid losing their ever-loving minds upon the first glimpse of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, is something I’ll never forget- mainly because I was one of them. They enter, Sub-Zero first, and when Scorpion appeared behind him, we all needed a change of pants. The heavy guitar riffs that made up the score of the scene got more intense as they assumed their ninja position ready for a fight. It seems so simple, yet so perfect and is easily not only one of the greatest moments in the movie, and oh man there’s a lot of those, but the most memorable and greatest introduction entrances of a couple of iconic characters even to this day.

Now, only if Sonja had said “Freeze” instead of “move aside”, that would have been the cherry on top of this toasty sundae.

Mortal Kombat Triple Feature (Mortal Kombat / Mortal Kombat: Annihilation / Mortal Kombat: Legacy) [Blu-ray]

So tell me, do the rest of my 90s’ nostalgic nuggets agree? How about your favorite part of the movie? Let’s just talk some good ol’ MK goodness!

Stallone Gives Update On “Rocky 4” Director’s Cut

Chances are if you’re here reading this, you might be a contender as a mega Rocky IV fanatic because the truth of the matter us, I’ll never goddamn get tired of talking about this franchise and this installment in particular.

When initially announced, I had made a promise that any updates on this monster of a director’s cut would be reported on and I’m a woman of my word. Following the announcements of the iconic Sico the Robot (a move that I’m still not sold on), being cut entirely from the films in favor of more ring time, Drago dialogue, and two previously cut songs from the film- we finally have an update on the film via Sly’s Instagram.

It seems as if the cut is nearing completion as the “Stallion” states the finishing touches are being added. So one can only assume that we should see this coveted cut of the movie sooner rather than later!

There’s no easy way out of the anxiety that takes over when thinking about a possible, brand new version of one of my favorite flicks ever. However, stay tuned for more updates when the official release is announced!