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Eibon Press Joins Forces With Vinegar Syndrome To Form Vinegar Syndrome Publishing

It would seem a match made in the dirtiest corner of Hell, but yes, the masterful talents behind the absolute best cult-classic horror comics in the whole world (Eibon Press) have united themselves to the house of cultic sleaze, Vinegar Syndrome. No doubt many of our readers are already collectors of the stygian wonders both unique companies have released over the years.

I personally love anything and everything Eibon Press has released over the years. So I’m very curious to see what’s in store.

This abominable union will be the start of Vinegar Syndrome Publishing and it sounds as if fans have a lot to look forward to according to VS’s own words:

Vinegar Syndrome is thrilled to announce the formation and launch of Vinegar Syndrome Publishing, along with the acquisition of legendary horror-comic publisher, Eibon Press! Eibon co-founder, Stephen Romano will also be taking the lead as Creative Director.

VS Publishing will specialize in original comics as well as comic adaptations and novelizations (both hardback and trade paperback) of some of your favorite films in the VS catalog, along with other genre classics. We’re also planning some artwork based coffee table books along with plenty of special merch and other fun surprises.

Additionally, VS Publishing will be reissuing numerous iconic titles from the Eibon catalog, kicking off this spring with a new and updated edition of the four-part comic adaptation of Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE. This upcoming edition will be sold both individually, as well as together in a collectable case. Each Eibon re-issue will come complete with all new cover art, new supplemental materials and stellar new packaging done as only VS knows how!

– Vinegar Syndrome

Eibon Press has been known for its fantastic work on many of Lucio Fulci’s fan-favored titles such as Zombie, Gates of Hell, and The Beyond to name only a few.

As well as a few original works that are pure sleazy fun. Eibon Press also combined two cult-classic killers in a showdown of blood and mayhem in their hellish crossover between both Maniac and The New York Ripper.

Each title released by Eibon Press is handled with the utmost respect for the source material and is made by fans who genuinely love the topic they’re working on. Combined with the expertly told stories is phenomenal artwork splashing across each page. Every new issue is a sincere work of grotesque art.

It now sounds like even more cult favorites will be given the Eibon treatment seeing how the VS video library will be on hand. So the future is bright with viscera as far as I can tell.

As long as VS Publishing allows Eibon’s talent to stay true to who they are and continue on with what made them famous there should be lots for fans to enjoy in the coming months and years ahead. Be sure to stay tuned as I keep an eye on things as they progress.

I can already tell you that even though I already own everything Eibon Press has ever released I wouldn’t mind picking up that Zombie re-release VS Publishing mentioned. Sounds like there’s going to be new artwork released with older titles so… (sigh) more things to spend my money on. In this case, it’s well worth it.

In case you missed your chance to get your hands on many of Eibon Press’s macabre works in the past you’ll now be able to add their gruesome masterpieces to your personal library. Impress your friends. Disappoint your mother! Gross out your neighbors. Just don’t let this chance pass you by.

This news is bittersweet to me of course. The end of an era is on us as well as the dawn of a new one. So best wishes to Vinegar Syndrome Publishing. You better not suck because you have some big shoes to fill.

Manic out!

This Beetlejuice Lego Maitland’s House Is Closer to Becoming an Available Set To Buy!

If there’s one thing that Lego is really sleeping on, it’s the untapped market of horror fans asking, or rather have been begging for years for these types of sets to be made for our creative indulgence of the plastic brick. Sort of a shame really. Even when this amazing Halloween Myers House Lego set went viral (thanks to the help of yours truly) and even caught the attention of Jamie Lee Curtis who also shared her enthusiasm for an official Lego set of the Myers house, it fell on deaf ears to the corporate Lego giants. But now, that could all change with this full-steam support on the official Lego ideas that has been gaining a lot of steam and is getting really close to becoming a reality.


The purpose of Lego Ideas launched by the Brick Master company is where fans submit their ideas and projects with the more support they gain, the closer the builds are to being made into real Lego sets. As of now this set submitted by a builder that goes by Pebbleman is sitting at 7,000 supporters, with one being Natalie Charle Ellis, who does work as Delia and Miss Argentina in the Broadway rendition of Beetlejuice.

Here’s the proposal product’s full description via the site:

Take a venture into the Maitland’s household, full of spooky surprises that will knock your socks off:

The House:

  • The iconic façade of the Maitland’s rural house is recreated to be as close as possible, from its porch, Brick foundation, odd circular windows and towering entrance.
  • Open up the house to reveal it’s ghoulish interior; by removing one of the side window and chimney from the exterior you can get an even more ample opening to see even more face-on.
  • The first floor is a gateaway to the other side!! Having trouble with the living? Go inside Adam’s model and visit Beetlejuice’s tombstone (He just made Italian food, just for you!). Take a breather in the Netherworld waiting room to get a chance to talk to Juno in her office, your G-U-I-D-E to the other side!
  • The second floor is the house after it’s the postmodern redecoration of the Deetz’ family. Recreate the unforgettable Day-O scene or the grand wedding crashing finale complete with the crooked fireplace!
  • Replace the Stair handles with the buildable Beetlesnake and scare those pesky living critters once in for all!
  • Don’t leave the house!! There are Sandworms waiting to take a bite out of any hapless soul.
  • The final floor consists of the cozy attic, filled with string lights, Adam’s painstakingly accurate model of Winter River among other forgotten belongings.
  • In case of emergencies, draw a door, (Don’t forget the handle!) and knock three times for a one-way trip to The Netherworld.


Create your own ghoulish adventures with 11 minifigures: Beetlejuice (comes with Big Top Accessories and wedding suit), Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland (alongside their scary faces), Lydia Deetz (comes with a wedding suit), Charles Deetz, Delia Deetz, Otho, Harry the Hunter, Juno, Ms. Argentina and the Wedding Officiant.

Display the ensemble in a simple, yet aptly themed display stand.


To make the set feel straight out of the movie some props make their way in as lego pieces, the handbook for the recently deceased, The Afterlife newspaper, Lydia’s photograph, prints to detail the Maitland’s scary faces, a screen portraying Beetlejuice’s high-quality commercial alongside others.

At the time of this article, The Maitland’s House is only 3,000 supporters away from being Lego Expert tested and moving forward for a review. To support this project, and you damn well should, visit the link here, sign up for a Lego account, and scream Beetlejuice three times!

Super Nintendo World Full Reveal and Official Opening Date at Universal Studios Hollywood in February 2023!

No, you ain’t seeing flying stars that give you invincibility because you ate too many mushrooms, the official announcement and full reveal of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood has been graced to us here at NN and Holy Toadstool, all of us Nintendo lovers are in for a real treat.

This all-new, dynamic land will be a visual spectacle of vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity located within a newly expanded area of Universal Studios Hollywood. SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will feature the groundbreaking “Mario Kart™: Bowser’s Challenge” ride, as well as many thrilling and interactive activities designed to engage the entire family within the captivating Mushroom Kingdom. Along with themed dining at the Toadstool Cafe™ and shopping at the 1-UP Factory™ retail store, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will be an inspiring, game-changing addition to the world-famous theme park.

From the moment guests pass through the iconic green pipe, a journey filled with exploration, discovery, and play awaits that is entirely unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Their journey begins as they enter Peach’s Castle before venturing further into the colorful Mushroom Kingdom.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will sweep guests into the 360-degree world of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach where they will become an integral part of their exhilarating universe. Plus, with the purchase of a Power-Up Band™ – a wearable, interactive wristband – guests will be able to deepen their interactions across the land.

As the countdown to the grand opening begins, here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

  • “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge:” This all-new, technologically-advanced ride, inspired by the popular Mario Kart™ video game series, will seamlessly fuse cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) with projection mapping technology and actual set pieces along a moving ride track. Set against a multi-sensory backdrop of color, sound, and movement, guests will be seated in stadium-style, four-seat vehicles as they navigate familiar courses through the creative use and integration of head-mounted AR goggles. This unique feature is a key point of differentiation that distinguishes this ride from other theme park attractions.

The premise of “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” is simple but equally inspiring and challenging, appealing to guests of all ages regardless of gaming experience. As part of Team Mario, guests will steer through underwater courses and courses in the clouds to compete for the Golden Cup while collecting coins to defeat Team Bowser and win. “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” raises the stakes for guests as an intriguing and repeatable ride with a variety of outcomes.

  • Mount Beanpole: This towering landmark sits at the heart of the land and also serves as the entry queue for “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.”
  • Bowser’s Castle: Adorned with a breathtaking sculpture of a large and powerful Bowser, this structure serves as a key centerpiece of the land, home to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD’s signature ride, “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.” As guests navigate the winding corridors and pass through the hall of medallions and trophies of the ominous castle towards the “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” ride, they will learn more about Bowser’s calculated plans to defeat Team Mario for the coveted Golden Cup.
  • Power-Up Band: These wearable, state-of-the-art wristbands sync with Universal Studios Hollywood’s free downloadable app to level up the guest experience within the land and enhance its many interactive elements. These include, but are not limited to, keeping individual and team scores, collecting digital coins, and obtaining keys after winning challenges throughout the land. Power-Up Bands will also invite guests to enjoy extra-special interactions with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. They will come in six design options with character themes and will be available for purchase both within the land and at SUPER NINTENDO WORLD retail shops located in the theme park and on CityWalk. 
  • Interactive Gameplay: Within the land, guests will become fully engulfed in an engaging world of real-life gameplay, including punching? Blocks to collect digital coins and a variety of interactives. They will discover a new dimension of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD via interactive binoculars employing augmented reality technology positioned within the land. Guests can beat the four Key Challenges and collect keys from Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Piranha Plant, and Thwomp interactive activities to ultimately allow access to the culminating boss battle with Bowser Jr.  These energetic, familiar, and fun interactive games will further enhance the entire kinetic experience within the land and immerse guests into the unique world of Super Mario.
  • Toadstool Cafe:  The land’s signature restaurant Toadstool Cafe will serve a gourmet menu perfected by Chef Toad where he will greet guests upon entry. Menu items prepared fresh daily include Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots, Super Mushroom Soup, Piranha Plant Caprese, Mario Bacon Cheeseburger, Luigi Pesto Chicken Burger,? Block Tiramisu and Princess Peach Cupcake.
  • 1-UP Factory: What better way to commemorate a visit to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD than to visit the 1-UP Factory retail shop to purchase collectible memorabilia. The 1-UP Factory will offer an extensive selection of merchandise from Mario and Luigi-themed apparel to iconic character hats and an array of plush characters, including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser.

 SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™, the innovative, immersive and highly-anticipated themed land officially opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday, February 17, 2023. So, get ready; this exciting debut marks SUPER NINTENDO WORLD’s official arrival to the United States.

All information and images were provided by representatives from Universal Studios Hollywood. More information and details will be shared soon. In the meantime, guests can visit for theme park updates. Like Universal Studios Hollywood on Facebook and follow @UniStudios on Instagram and Twitter.