"Heathers" Still Very 30 Years Later! Here's 9 Quotes From the Film We All Love to Use

“Heathers”Still Very 30 Years Later! Here’s 9 Quotes From the Film We All Love to Use

I’m pretty much already going to denounce you as a friend (or future friend for that matter) if you can’t get down on some Heathers. The black comedy that first premiered this day, March 31st, 1988 has not only stood the test of cinematic time but remains a significant piece of cultural bliss for those of us that grew up on the tale of bitches and corn nuts. The movie dares to expose the very real fucked up lives of your average suburbian high school with the dark corners of fads, cliques, and social status in such a way that instead of looking it as standard entertainment, we take it as chicken soup for the soul. In the ’70s, teenage girls had “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.” In the ’80s, we got fucked gently with a chainsaw by Heathers.

Just as with morals on how NOT to be a shitty human came with the film, so did an abundance of quotes and one-liners that even to this day, we still use without hesitation. Now 30 years later, we’re still responding to that dumb-ass question with. “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?” and if that hasn’t gotten old as shit by now, chances are it never will. And to that, I say, GOOD. Real life sucks losers dry. So yeah lets motor, let’s look at the most memorable quotes from the film that ages like fine wine on its 30th birthday!


9. “The Extreme Always Seems To Make An Impression” 

Ain’t that the truth JD! The squeaky wheel gets the grease… or something like that. Maybe not to JD’s extreme, but it seemed to ward off bumbling senior assholes Kurt and Ram, as this quote refers to the incident between the trio earlier that day in the cafeteria. Not only a suitable lesson to learn but a proper way to address your outrageous behavior. Kinda like explaining to your ex after catching them cheating why you burned every pair of pants they own.


8. “How Very”

"Heathers"Still Very 30 Years Later! Here's 9 Quotes From the Film We All Love to Use

One of the easiest (and snarkiest) quotes to insert into any daily conversation. This is also one of my favorite gifs to use and by fucks, I use it any chance I get.


7. “Greetings and Salutations”

JD 2

If you’re not introducing yourself using JD’s signature line, you’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Also, gotta love that Jack Nicholson vibe early Slater gives off throughout this whole movie.


6. “Lick It Up, Baby! Lick. It. Up.”

"Heathers" Still Very 30 Years Later! Here's 9 Quotes From the Film We All Love to Use

In other words, go fuck yourself bitch. Just a less vulgar way of telling someone to kiss your ass but nonetheless just as effective. And satisfying if I don’t say so myself.


5. “You Wanna Fuck With the Eagles, You Gotta Learn To Fly”

I don’t even fully understand this to this very day. However, I take it as when you aim for those high aspirations, go big or go home. Just another awesomely memorable, yet odd quote from the film you may hear every now and again.


4. “Veronica, Why Are You Pulling My Dick?”

"Heathers" Still Very 30 Years Later! Here's 9 Quotes From the Film We All Love to Use

The classiest way to say, “why are you messing with me?” never goes out of style. Case in point, the best moment for Heather Duke’s character in the whole film. Our little Eskimo is all grown up!


3. “Did You Have A Brain Tumor For Breakfast?”

Don’t ask stupid questions you already know the answer to.

2. “What’s Your Damage Heather?!”

"Heathers"Still Very 30 Years Later! Here's 9 Quotes From the Film We All Love to Use

I’m fairly certain any humanoid who has ever seen this film, has uttered this line at least once either in fun, or to sincerely ask someone who shit in their Cheerios that morning. A true classic to the end.


1. “Fuck Me Gently With A Chainsaw”

PSA: Although both witty and funny, you should never fuck anyone with a chainsaw. Unless perhaps your Leatherface getting off in TCM2, and if that’s your thing, then no judgments here. Anywho, of course, this quote tops them all. Especially when you add in that Mother Teresa line.



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