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[Review] THREADS: Die Die Book Dives Deep Into This Traumatizing Film

Once in a generation, a movie comes along that sticks with us for eternity. Some horror fans will throw that one film that absolutely destroyed their nerves as perhaps The Exorcist or Halloween. But I can also tell you a grand majority will also throw this title out there-Threads. The 1984 BBC televised film on nuclear war laid an anxiety bomb in the minds of all those who watched this little piece of PTSD. Author and scholar Bob Mielke in connection with the Die Die Books series gives us one hell of a deep dive into this atomic nightmare that will give fans some new insight into one of the most terrifying films ever made.

Threads is a movie that pulls no punches, reveling in the slow-building sense of dread that arises from its nightmarish—and painfully realistic—depiction of the lead-up, destruction, and years-long aftermath of a nuclear attack on Sheffield, England. Commissioned by the BBC to warn audiences about the dangers of the Cold War, this television film has since been reclaimed and celebrated by horror fans as one of the scariest movies ever made.

This horror essay on Threads by Bob Mielke examines the film through the lens of history, pop culture, and horror, and I recently finished a copy of this monster analysis so here are a few thoughts:

This horror essay on Threads by Bob Mielke examines the film through the lens of history, pop culture, and horror by dissecting the film down to milliseconds of a scene, to obviously the more memorable ones along with just about everything you would want to know that went into making this explosive movie, and the aftermath of its effects on the public. The book also has an in-depth compare and contrast to America’s own nuclear threat picture, The Day After, which offers a deep, thought-provoking memoir gathered through extensive research.

Mielke’s analysis of Threads and thorough explanations of symbolism in the film really put a lot of this movie into even more perspective for me and if I ever feel like having a panic attack again by watching this one more time, I’ll definitely be looking at it through a new set of eyes as the exceptional attention to carefully unpack everything in detail with ease to understand without sounding cinematically snooty, made me think long and hard about this movie and the phenomenon around it.

Per the press release:

Mikita Brottman, the lauded author of numerous books, who is also a Sheffield native, comments: “You cannot win a nuclear war, but as Mielke explains in this genial and engaging guide, you can definitely enjoy watching one. Although Threads paints a grim portrait of post-nuclear-war Sheffield, Mielke’s lively, lucid, and cheerful book makes the doom a little less relentless.”

The central character in Threads is Ruth Beckett, a young woman who is pregnant at the time of the blast and must raise her daughter in the post-apocalyptic hellscape. Karen Meagher, the actor who portrays Ruth, says of Mielke’s book: “We are genetically predisposed to survive. It is a primal necessity. The irony is not lost on me that it is ‘we’ who have laboured, researched, and refined instruments of destruction throughout our existence to essentially obliterate ourselves from existence! I hope the reader will consider every word Mielke has written in this comprehensive and considered, yet easily accessible, book. It took me right back to the visceral experience and time that was Threads.”

Pick up your copy of Threads by Bob Mielke right here and be sure to join Die Die Books mailing list while you’re at to stay up to date on any future releases!

VHS GOLD! The RARE Vidmark Leprechaun VHS Retailers Promo!

I found something better than a four-leaf clover here! In the spirit of 30 years of the Leprechaun movies, we as a horror collective, have struck VHS GOLD with the full bonus material from the very rare Leprechaun VHS retailers’ promo from 1993! I’ve personally never seen it until very recently and if you know me, you know this kind of shit is my kryptonite.

Pretty bold of me to put that out there if anyone wants to wear me down, eh?

Uploaded to Youtube by LUNCHMEAT VHS, the retailers’ promo was aimed at getting a buttwad of VHS copies into national chains/mom-and-pop video stores for consumers’ eyes to feast on. The promo pimping out Warwick Davis’ now iconic horror role went hard as fuck making this movie sound like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I mean, this Vidmark Lep bendy toy is a great contender for making that argument.

The promo’s narrating salesman was a bit off in his 12-15 million gross box office projection of the 1993 cult classic when the film actually only took home over 8 million, but that’s still a pretty respectable number for a low-budget horror film about a homicidal leprechaun!

The promo also features nationwide publicity stunts that including a couple of smaller fellows dressing up as the Leprechaun character marching in protest at the New York Stock Exchange.


Then, there are the highlights of the glorious tie-in promos available to the public because again, I’m a sucker for stuff too where restaurants like Domino’s and Subway got in on the Lucky Lep March Madness. And speaking of March Madness, The NBA had promotional LEPRECHAUN NIGHTS for fans as well as the NHL.

As much as I get a kick out of that, honestly my favorite part was this BOLD statement from “fan reactions”- “Leprechaun makes Freddy Krueger look like Mr. Rodgers!”

I don’t know how homeslice said that with a somewhat straight face but I thoroughly enjoyed that. Now:

Try as you will, and try as you might, If you don’t watch this retailer promo, you won’t be able to sleep through the night!

‘Beetlejuice 2’ Greenlit With Talks Of Jenna Ortega Joining The Cast

News and unsubstantiated rumors of “Beetlejuice 2” have been circling the interwebs since the day I started horror blogging ten years ago. So anytime I saw click-baiting websites try to stir the “viral notion” sensation up again for clicks and to fool the masses, it would just send my head spinning into a jaded Netherworld frenzy. However in recent months that news has become more likely and today, we finally got some solid sources telling us via THR that the anticipated sequel to the 1988 Tim Burton film, is indeed greenlit with much of the original cast returning and everyone’s favorite new teenage goo-goo muck in talks to joining- Jenna Ortega.

Credit NBC via Remezcla

Insiders confirmed that Beetlejuice 2 is hopefully going to start filming in London in late May or early June, although the budget has not been set. Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Catherine O’Hara are set to reprise their roles from the original movie. If the deal goes through, Ortega will portray the daughter of Ryder’s character Lydia Deetz. Personally, I think this is the perfect casting for the busy actress! Hot off last year’s X and Netflix’s smash Wednesday, Ortega is staying busy with Scream 6 opening this weekend as well!

If all the stars align, it’s just a matter of time before we see another viral dance from Jenna hitting social media alongside the ghost with the most.