(Trailer) Rocky IV Director's Cut Adds 40 Minutes of Unseen Footage... and Mickey?!

(Trailer) Rocky IV Director’s Cut Adds 40 Minutes of Unseen Footage… and Mickey?!

If I can change… And you can change… then Rocky IV can change too!

Sylvester Stallone’s long awaited ultimate director’s cut of the fan favorite Rocky IV finally has a trailer, release date, and some more details of what to expect in the anticipated version that fans have been clamoring for months on end. While we already know Drago has more dialogue and Sico the Robot has been scrapped entirely from the film, we also know that Mickey, Rocky’s trainer who died in the middle of Rocky III, makes an appearance in this film too in the form of flashbacks scenes in the finale fight with Drago. Along with some scenes of Adrian and Rocky from what appears to be the original film, the flashback scenes added to the fight supply dimension and the will for Balboa get up and beat Drago’s ass in what is supposed to be, his last fight ever.

So basically, they took the footage from Rocky V, and inserted it into Rocky IV. Got it.

Stallone himself has admitted on several occasions he wasn’t too pleased with the end result of Rocky V, and fans agree as it certainly is unanimously denounced as the weakest of the franchise. So perhaps it would be fitting for the guy to take some pieces of the film and add it to the beloved sequel to give it some depth. I mean, I don’t care how much you discard Rocky V, those dream sequences with Mickey were some tear-jerking emotional stuff that really does showcase the bond between the fighter and his trainer.

Rocky IV has an additional 40 minutes of unseen footage, some of which has been re-added from the original trailer from 1985- remember the original trailer had the Boxing Board discussing what to do about Drago himself, ” He’s had ONE fight, and ONE man is dead,”? Well that’s in there-finally because that always drove me nuts, as well as extended fight footage and new songs as well to montage out to! WOOHOO!

Rocky IV returns to theaters for ONE NIGHT ONLY via Fathom events on November 11, 2021, with the movie coming to VOD on streaming services the following day. Grab your tickets here!

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