{Watch} NBC Broadcast Fan Edit Of "Halloween 4" With Commercials!

{Watch} NBC Broadcast Fan Edit Of “Halloween 4” With Commercials!

Look, if you’re new here- Welcome to the wild world of Halloween 4 fandom where I hold this movie in a higher regard than maybe should be allowed in the horror community. But hey, this is my blog godammnit and what I say goes: HALLOWEEN 4 IS THE GOAT FOR NOSTALGIA. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so. Another retro horror blogger The End Of Summer decided to honor the spooky season and one of the greatest 80s’ movies of all time with a very well done fan broadcast edit of Halloween 4 if the film were to have been screened on television in the late eighties.

I nearly had a heart attack upon seeing this. Thanks Lando and original poster Todd_Spence for the heads up on Twitter!

Anyways, this isn’t the first time this blog has done this sort of thing. Before making this illustrious retrolicious filled internet content, the blog also made a fan-edit broadcast with Dawn Of The Dead. Filled with that complete aesthetic feel of what we remember horror movies looking like on prime time Friday night television, the fan edit completes that nostalgic feeling breaking with commercials that fall in line with a 1989 October airing. One word- BOGLINS.

The thing is even edited down to coincide with network FCC standards. That’s commitment folks. Pretty sure I have a retro phantom boner right now. Make sure you head on over to End Of Summer‘s website to check out their other fun blog entries and enjoy this little internet treasure that everyone should watch this Halloween- or now. Hell make it everyday, I probably will.

2 thoughts on “{Watch} NBC Broadcast Fan Edit Of “Halloween 4” With Commercials!”

  1. I’m 100% this is the broadcast I saw when I was a kid staying over at a friend’s house, and I had a nightmare so bad i sleepwalked and ended up sleeping in his parent’s bed. Pure nostalgia, right into my veins


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