{Watch} NBC Broadcast Fan Edit Of "Halloween 4" With Commercials!

{Watch} NBC Broadcast Of “Halloween 4” Fan Edit With Commercials!

Look, if you’re new here- Welcome to the wild world of Halloween 4 fandom where I hold this movie in higher regard than maybe should be allowed in the horror community. But hey, this is my blog godammit, and what I say goes: HALLOWEEN 4 IS THE GOAT FOR NOSTALGIA. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Youtube Channel Super Mega Halloween decided to honor Reverand Jackson and the holiest of entries with a beautiful fan-edit of a broadcast of Halloween 4 as it would have apperead as a movie of the week on NBC.

I nearly had a heart attack upon seeing this. If you’re new here, my undying love for Halloween 4 knows NO BOUNDS.

Anyways, this isn’t the first time thissort of thing has been done. Before discovering this illustrious retrolicious filled internet content, a blog called The End of Summer made a fantastic fan-edit of The Return of Michael Myers as well and I made it a point to share it on here, but the internet scumbags decided to take it away , I’m assuming for some sort of copyright bullshit.

Filled with that complete aesthetic feel of what we remember horror movies looking like on prime-time Friday night television, the fan edit completes that nostalgic feeling breaking with commercials that fall in line with a 1989 October airing, complete with horror hotline numbers such as Freddy Krueger’s 909-FRED and Grandpa Munster urging you to become a Jr Vampire!

The thing is even edited down to coincide with network FCC standards. That’s commitment folks. Pretty sure I have a retro phantom boner right now. Let’s enjoy this little internet treasure that everyone should watch this Halloween- or now. Hell make it everyday, I probably will.

2 thoughts on “{Watch} NBC Broadcast Of “Halloween 4” Fan Edit With Commercials!”

  1. I’m 100% this is the broadcast I saw when I was a kid staying over at a friend’s house, and I had a nightmare so bad i sleepwalked and ended up sleeping in his parent’s bed. Pure nostalgia, right into my veins


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