Check Out This Custom Lego Myers House Halloween Set!

Check Out This Custom Lego Myers House Halloween Set!

It’s almost Christmas, and everyone is entitled to one good Lego set. If only this were an official Lego release, this would be the dream build for both Lego and horror fans alike; right alongside an Elm Street house at that. But, we can live vicariously through a custom YouTube builder and dreamer on what COULD be if Lego got their shit together and made something like this for fans.

Bricktory Lap, a Youtuber and Lego Imagineer pieced together a superb build of the Myers house from the 1978 film, complete with Laurie, Michael, and Loomis minifigs. The set consists of 589 pieces total and is play-accessible with four bedrooms inside the house. Particularly, the room with Judith Myers’ tombstone on the bed paying homage to Annie’s death discovery. He even put the dead dog in there that Michael ate for breakfast on that fateful Halloween!

From designing the build to a cover box-set, Bricktory made a great concept here that I could see being a huge hit on the market.

Beautiful stuff here.

Make sure to check out his channel for other pretty cool builds, including Squid Game and Back to the Future!

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