Highlighted Holiday Specials: Christmas With The Addams Family

{WATCH} Kooky Holiday Specials: “Christmas With The Addams Family”!

Highlighted Holiday Specials: Christmas With The Addams Family

Lurch, bring us the Figgy Pudding.

Remember when “Santa” and his reindeer “Tom, Dick, and Harry” paid a visit to 001 Cemetary Lane? Well in season 2, episode 15 of the beloved series, The Addams’ showed America that their Christmas spirit was just as strong as their Halloween vibing.

As a matter of fact, The Addams Family cartoon strip before the 60’s series, which appeared in The New Yorker by Charles Addams, most popular cartoon drawing was that of Christmas Carolers bringing tidings to the fam while they stood on the roof of their mansion on standby with a hot cauldron ready to dump on these poor kids’ heads. Charles Addams himself called this, “probably the most famous and delightfully shocking” of all his cartoons. Which was then later depicted in the 1991 film.

However, the series episode which aired on Christmas Eve of 1965, was a lot lighter than that of a bunch of kids’ scalding domes; giving us a tried a true lighthearted Christmas special with the Addams touch. A jerkoff neighbor, who had previously told the Addams children their Halloween beliefs were nonsense has now gone and done it; by sparking the notion to Pugsley and Wednesday that there is no Santa Claus. WHAT A DICK MOVE for any adult to do that to any children, especially ones that aren’t theirs’.

Anyways, Morticia and Gomez handle it with graceful class and arrange for Uncle Fester to drop through the chimney but gets stuck, leading to each member of the Addams’ residence to take on the Santa role with one hilarious fail after another. Of course, Wednesday and Pugsley aren’t the average-naive children and they aren’t fooled a bit by any of this. Uncle Fester finally falls through the chimney, the kids are grateful but wish the real Santa could have come. To their shock, a very traditional (non-Addams) tree and gifts suddenly appear, replacing their idea of decorations, with the real Santa having snuck in while their backs were turned. And what better way to sound off a very special Christmas episode with the ghoulish gang singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” as the episode ends.

You can watch the entire series here at Amazon, which I will always recommend because binging The Addams is a favorite past-time. However, if you feel like being nostalgic right here and now, here’s a full free upload of said “Addams Christmas Special”!

Happy Horrordays Nostalgic Nuggets!

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