Listen to Reason: "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" Is Totally A Halloween Movie

Listen to Reason: “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” Is Totally A Halloween Movie

I must admit that I fully know that many of you reading this are going to say this is a far reach; however, I got you here didn’t I?! So you must be open somehow with listening to reason that Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, most certainly can be seen as a Halloween movie.

Pee Wee’s first big-time Hollywood debut is one that many audiences cherish from this nugget in time and one that I personally, have both fond, and nightmarish memories of. The 80s’ really had a knack for taking a family-friendly film and inserting horrific scenes in them, giving kids, and hell even some adults, nightmares for years to come. Great examples of such are Return To Oz, hell that whole movie is a horror show, and how about Atrax’s fate in The Neverending Story? It’s clear as day why anyone of us growing up in the 80s’ needed therapy. Pee Wee’s Big “Halloween” Adventure is no exception, as the movie is chock full of sketchy scenes that are horrific in nature, horror movie references, and plenty of Halloween decor to give us that good ol’ Halloween feeling that we’re watching a film dedicated to our all-time favorite holiday.

So let’s open with the fact that this Tim Burton’s first big directorial debut working alongside composer Danny Elfman. Who we all know when the pair are teamed together, make one hell of a kooky, gothic soundtrack that can only be described as well, Halloween-ish. Even in the light-hearted musical excerpts from the film have an underlying spook factor that you just can’t smooth over. And I absolutely love that shit.

Then, of course, there’s Pee Wee’s home. First, off there are Jack-O-Lanterns all over the house, skeleton cling decor, and a creepy Abe Lincoln with his minion animal dinosaur skeletons helping make Pee Wee breakfast. Pee Wee even sleeps with a cow skull attached to his headboard with Godzilla figures keeping a watchful eye over his slumbers. I think Doc Brown would approve of the breakfast contraption, while I wholeheartedly approve of the creepy representation.

The Lobster might be mocking my Halloween vibes.
Notice the big ceramic (maybe) pumpkin on the shelf in the background.
The makings of a madman sleeping with cow skulls.
Another ceramic jack-o!
I spy some sort of weird Jack-O-Lantern dummy prop!

Hell, there’s even a little Jack-O-Lantern set up in the front yard that is a part of his secret hiding spot for his bike!

Then there’s Marios Magic shop where it’s anything but. It just straight looks like a hole-in-the-wall Halloween store where horror fanatics are frequent flyers. Halloween masks and shrunken heads galore. Tell me this doesn’t scream Halloween mini-mart?

Not to mention the mistress of the dark herself, Elvira makes a cameo not only in the film as the badass biker chick, but on the wall of Mario’s at the entrance!

Now let’s talk about some of that nightmare-inducing imagery. Recurring scary clowns are all over this movie and every single one of them gives all the damn skeevies.

Then there’s a delightful appearance with Francis as the devil murdering Pee Wee’s precious bike. I gotta tell you this whole dream sequence was pretty anxiety-inducing as a kid. Softcore kid horror at its finest folks.

Oh and let’s not forget, there’s a Day of The Dead parade happening in the middle of the movie. Which of course, happens to be celebrated on the day after Halloween.

For context, this is seen during the chase between Andy and Pee Wee.

Last but certainly not least, who could forget the most iconic scene from Big Adventure- LARGE MARGE. Yes sir. It was the worst accident I’ve (never seen). And I’m still of the opinion that Marge needs her own stand-alone horror film where we dive into her death and her restless spirit scaring the shit out of hitchhikers. Thanks.

I’m not here to convince anyone that Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is definitively a Halloween film, but I sure do get those Halloween vibes every time I watch it and it hits those notes even higher and more profound around the October season. Whether you agree with me or not, let’s at least agree that the movie rules.

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