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Get Over Here and Check Out the Celebrity Guest List At Las Vegas Fanboy Expo!

Last week, I let you guys in on a little event happening in my backyard of Las Vegas called Fanboy Expo where the ultimate tournament of the mighty Mortal Kombat gamers will be held in honor of the games’ 30th anniversary. Fan Boy Expo is a traveling convention popping up in cities from Las Vegas to Orlando bringing the hype of fandom of all types of pop-culture enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of anime, gaming, or film/tv, chances are you’ll find your favorite artist or actor hanging out at the expo ready for a Q&A panel or signing autographs- and I got the full guest list right here for you nostalgic nuggets to check out!

  • LEE MAJORS- The Six Million Dollar Man
  • LINDSAY WAGNER- The Bionic Woman
  • TIA CARREREWayne’s World/ Lilo & Stitch
  • TOM BERENGER- Major Leauge/ Platoon
  • TIFFANY- Pop Singer
  • BRUCE KULICK- Guitarist for KISS/ Meatloaf
  • EDWARD FURLONG- Pet Sematary 2/ Terminator 2/ American History X
  • SEAN PATRICK FLANERY- Boondock Saints/ The Dead Zone
  • BARRY LOWIN- The Mandolorian
  • DORIAN KINGI- Stuntman- Book Of Boba Fett
  • GERI REISCHL- Jan Brady- Brady Bunch Variety Show
  • JIMMIE WALKER- Good Times
  • FRED WILLIAMSON- Black Ceaser/ From Dusk Til Dawn
  • JJ COHEN- Back to the Future Trilogy

In addition to the celebrity guests and panels, a full roster of Anime voiceover actors will be in attendance, and of course, the actors and actresses from the original Mortal Kombat movies and games in costume including Kerri Hoskins and Chris Casamassa! You can check out the rest of the list here.

Fanboy Expo Las Vegas will be held at the Rio Hotel and Suites from April 22-24, 2022. You can pick up your tickets, and exclusive VIP ticket packages by clicking here, with kids 5 and under free of charge to the events with a paid adult ticket.

See you there nostalgic nuggets!

Nostalgic Toys, Wrestling Legends, and Iconic 80s’ Faces Invade Las Vegas Toy Con!

So you’re telling me- an entire weekend con, (not just one night) featuring the best of 80s’ toys, wrestling legends, Garbage Pail Kids artists, and for the love of the best damn cinematic American patriot Apollo Creed, Carl Weathers, all together at once in my hometown?

This GIF is a big mood, guys.

Nostalgic Toys, Wrestling Legends, and Iconic 80s' Faces Invade Las Vegas Toy Con!

Because you know, it’s clearly not like I dedicate a part of my life to this or anything.

Anyways, YES- the 12th annual Vegas Toycon is back and better than ever with an entire weekend full of childhood fuzzies that will take you through a time warp of wonderful childhood memories including a slew of celebrity guests that are sure to make even the manliest of men shed a tear of nostalgic joy.

Held at the Las Vegas Cannery, March 13-15th, 2020, Toycon is breaking out the red carpet for such guests as Carl Weathers (The Mandalorian, Predator, Rocky Films Saga), Ryan Hurst (The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy), Jimmy Vee (R2D2-Star Wars), Dominic Pace (The Mandalorian), along with Optimus Prime and Megatron themselves Peter Cullen and Frank Welker!

Appearing alongside these screen gems are a couple of WWE legends prepared to sign autographs with photo ops as well! The attendance roster includes Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Kevin Nash (Diesel), Sting, Jon Moxley, and Fred Ottman (Tugboat, Typhoon)!

So much machismo.

Nostalgic Toys, Wrestling Legends, and Iconic 80s' Faces Invade Las Vegas Toy Con!


If that’s enough to rattle your inner 80s’ kid, the cast from Steven Spielberg’s E.T. and a select slew of the Netflix giant Stranger Things will be on hand as well and if that’s not enough for you- then I honestly should just stop right now and kind of give up. Let’s get real- Dee Wallace is an absolute treasure beyond her E.T. fandom, i.e Cujo, The HowlingCritters and more.

Ok, that’s the fangirl talking. Let’s move along.

Nostalgic Toys, Wrestling Legends, and Iconic 80s' Faces Invade Las Vegas Toy Con!


And for all the Garbage Pail Kids fans out there, (everyone am I right?!):

Nostalgic Toys, Wrestling Legends, and Iconic 80s' Faces Invade Las Vegas Toy Con!


Beyond the overwhelming appearances, and honestly, there are so many more but I could be here all day, are tons of family-friendly activities. Funko Pop giveaways and scavenger hunts, custom toy contests, original artwork, cosplay, and tons of awesome toy and comic vendors!

Tickets are available here directly through the TOYCON website. Check the website thoroughly for days and photo-op times of celebrity appearances and kids 12 and under are free!

I will be there covering the event for Nightmare Nostalgia so if you see a tiny girl in an Apollo Creed shirt covered in tattoos, run up to me with the password phrase “I WANT YOU CHUMP!“, and I MIGHT just have a little gift for you! Happy hunting and see you at Toycon folks!