Ghostbusters Cereal and Twinkies Coming to a Store Near you!

Oh what a day to be alive when you wake up to find out a long-lost beloved cereal from our childhood is making a comeback in 2021! And a lot sooner than I had even expected!

Breaking the news to the world first, and rightfully so, GhostbustersNews announced that General Mills has taken the once Ralsten brand, which was sold to GM in 1994, and brought the ghost-tastic cereal into the twenty-first century. Presumably a marketing gimmick for the upcoming Ghostbusters film, which I’m totally fine with and am hopeful that Ecto-Cooler may make another appearance this decade as well! The site also revealed that confirmation appeared on the Walmart website– which is expected to go live at a time yet to be determined.

In related Ghostbusters snack news, Hostess is bringing back a new version of the Twinkie. As of course Sir Egon made infamous with using the delightful treat in a now, infamous analogy in the first film. However, in lieu of Key Lime Slime or White Fudge Marshmallow as we’ve seen in marketing campaigns prior, it looks like the center filling will be an electric blue and fruit flavored!

Keep an eye out for these nostalgic ringing treats hitting store shelves soon! And for old times sake, let’s just revisit the Ralston cereal commercial for shits and giggles.

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