Review: FLINCH (2021) Rides a Wave of 80s’ Mob and Vice Aesthetics

I don’t write new-release reviews very often. But then again, not so often a modern movie comes along leaving me compelled to spread the love and also embodies everything this website is about- NOSTALGIA. So of course, on the heels of a recent viewing of FLINCH, or “The Girl Who Didn’t Flinch”, most appropriately on a shiny and beautiful VHS cassette available from the official film’s website, how could I resist?

Flinch first released on VOD platforms in January 2021, and has since made a splash in the film community scene harboring quite a following. Written and directed by Cameron Van Hoy (Tragedy Girls), the film stars Daniel Zovatto, Tilda Cobham- Hervey, Tom Segura, Cathy Moriarty, and Buddy Dures in an American Crime-Thriller that reeks of sweet retro vibes of the Vice era of the 80s.

Right up my alley!

The movie’s premise is simple enough to flow along with and not overly-complicated to leave you astray. Flinch follows overly successful hitman Joe Doyle (Zovatto) into his next target and the plot-point for the movie- the hit of a city-councilman. His supposed ninja skills are all but shattered when his stalking is noticed by the political figure’s assistant Mia (Hervey), of whom Doyle has developed some obsessive feelings for- overcomplicating his mission and well, existence by him having to choose by him honoring his hitman career and covering his tracks accordingly, or allowing her to live. Because Mia didn’t flinch at witnessing Joe’s murderous crime, Joe takes this as sign from above and holds her hostage for her own “protection”. Pretty wild however, without spoilers, the film does explain the importance of the “flinching” aspect-given the movie its of course, important title.

The film provides plenty of gore, action, and suspense paving the way for all genres of cinema to enjoy. Character development isn’t overly saturated and leaves you with just enough to be satisfied and not annoyed that it’s cutting into the main plot points. There’s a few sexy moments that hover over into cringe territory, but hey if you’re into that sort of thing, then this is something that won’t even phase you.

However, what I really thought to be stand-out was the beautiful visualizing aspect of Flinch. The movie is just so damn pretty to look at. Paired with a stylish synth soundtrack, Flinch is definitely something that should be on your watchlist in 2021. Or hell, how about now?! Here’s the amazon link to check out!

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