{Samhain Review} Sacred Space Crate: The Gold Standard For Witchy Subscription Boxes

{Samhain Review} Sacred Space Crate: The Gold Standard For Witchy Subscription Boxes

Let’s talk about subscription boxes. You can get one for just about any product and or genre under the sun and brings immense joy to those of us who await it’s monthly arrival as it seems like Christmas once a month- which in itself is totally worth all the joy. For those who practice the craft of nature’s infinite knowledge and spell casting, Sacred Space Crate might just be the gold standard for monthly witchy subscription boxes.

Following the wheel of the year, Sacred Space packs a magical array of goodies essential to any craft in accordance with the seasons and whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, each item can be used with ease along with hefty directions and care instructions for each individual piece. This month of course, is all about Samhain and was pretty blown away by the attention to detail and items packed in this box. Not only were they beautifully and carefully packaged, the energy of intention put into this bundle were beyond my expectations and immediately felt so much joy and connection with each individual piece.

Here’s what was included with the Sacred Space Crate Samhain Box and a little review of each piece:

  • Samhain Wall Plaque- A custom designed plaque celebrating Samhain and an affirmation invocation to bring down the spooky blessings. It’s a really cool and unique wall hanging to display above your altar or anywhere you deem fit.
  • Black Obsidian Pendulum and a Ouija Board Coloring Page- a divination pendulum adorned with the powerful protective Obsidian crystal adorned with the all important chakra beads for balancing. It was wrapped in a pretty box in a bed of moss for earthly charging purposes and after messing with it a bit, I can attest it does what it supposed to do. The Pendulum Board paper page that comes in the box is meant to be used with the Pendulum itself and you can color it with your intentions, making it that much more potent! A velvety soft bag with sugar skull charms, one attached and one detached are included for safekeeping.

  • Samhain Ritual Candle- Oh boy, this candle is ahh-mazing. It is spell-crafted with guiding your ancestors to you and to be used on Samhain or Dia de los Muertos. Filled with black opal chips and infused with frankincense, myrrh, lilac, and rosemary brings together a wonderful magical scent. I’ve yet to burn it of course (saving that for later) and I don’t even know if I want to because it’s so pretty. AND IT HAS LITTLE PUMPKINS IN IT.

  • Summon Spirits Conjuring Oil and Rosemary Powder- This hand-crafted oil used for communing with the spirits was curated under the Dark Moon according to the inserts via that came in the box, including the herbs and chips used to make it; which I wont disclose fully here- that I feel is for subscribers only as it contains passed down family information. However, I can tell you it smells heavenly and may be attracting all the deceased if I don’t stop dousing myself in it. Oh well. The Rosemary powder, I was especially excited to see as I use Rosemary quite often myself. This just made dressing my candles MOUNDS easier and is perfectly potent at that. PATTI TIP- take a tiny bit, place in an air tight bag of your choosing, and insert into your pillowcase to promote a restful nights sleep.

  • Heart Tea Infuser and Handcrafted Tea with Ancestors Pouch– Another family recipe from Sacred Space Crate concocted for ancestral magik. This can obviously be ingested but be warned it doesn’t taste that great! However, it was made for the intentions and not the taste so keep that in mind. It can also be sprinkled on your altar for ritual purposes if you’re not so much a tea drinker. The tea infuser spoon was a nice addition seeing as I don’t own one (I’m a tea bag gal). Sturdy and reliable. What more can you ask for.
  • Hypersthene Stone– I’m ashamed to admit I had never even heard of this one, (I have quite a few crystals too) so I’m glad the inserts explained everything I needed to know about this little bad boy. Enabling the third-eye chakra, its a powerful psychic stone activating your own spiritual awareness and abilities; also a good stone to have around when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. The color is dark blue black and apparently hats sunlight, so I keep it in a little pumpkin container on my altar. It seems happy to be there when not in use.

  • Beyond the Veil Incense- Blended with Bergamot, lemon, white lilies, cedarwood, and patchouli, are hand-dipped and leave a powerful energetic scent throughout the room and space. When I lit it, I scryed the smoke to understand the energy coming off it, and it is most certainly a whimsical dark dance of energy. At least that’s what I got from it!
  • Tummy Salve- As a woman with recurring vertigo and PMDD issues, I was pretty STOKED to see this and try it. A blend of ginger, peppermint, and lavender in a sensitive balm mix works just as good as Zofran in my opinion. Maybe not for everyone depending on severity, but a wonderful natural alternative route to easing nausea and tummy troubles. I tried this the first day and IT WORKS.

As stated earlier, the box comes with inserts providing detailed information on hot properly care for, and use these items. In this box, a Moon in the Zodiac calendar following the moon phases and a Samhain Book Of Shadows insert is included as well. Each monthly box is packed with 10-14 magical items along with  a Moon in the Astrology Calendar. Each box contains at least 1 beauty product and/or 1 healing product from Sacred Space Crate Apothecary. Monthly boxes run about $60 in the USA and they do offer international shipping at a slightly higher price. Boxes can be purchased on a one-time basis for those unsure of committing, but I can guarantee you’ll be hooked your first time. The website also has a shop filled with all kinds of magical items featured in past boxes along with everyday witchy essentials.

You can check out the website and order through here, and as November’s box is an anniversary milestone for the company, you can probably expect this one to be one you really don’t want to miss!

Big thanks to Scared Space Crate for sending this box to me for review purposes! Just take my wallet now because you’ve gained a loyal customer. Now to just break it to the husband. Eesh.

Full Disclosure: I was sent a free box for review purposes, however the review is unbiased and I have never used nor received this prior; nor am I paid or coerced to post any sparkling reviews. Thanks!

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