It Looks As If McDonald's Halloween Pails Could Be Returning For Halloween 2022!

It Looks As If McDonald’s Halloween Pails Could Be Returning For Halloween 2022!

Well, folks, it may be unofficial for now. But, I have it on good authority that McDonald’s may have FINALLY heard our cries of justice for the triumphant return of the McDonald’s Halloween Pail for the 2022 spooky season!

For the past few weeks, an article I had written last year outlining the history of the beloved Halloween buckets has been circulating through the internet community and via the power of social media, McDonald’s employees have chimed in revealing that there are INDEED plans that the fast-food giant is resurrecting the nostalgic Halloween Happy Meal starting on October 18th, 2022 and ending on the holiday itself October 31, 2022.

This photo was sent by an employee of the company from the official office corporate calendar of events. Now, keep in mind McDonald’s hasn’t released this information to the public nor is this official in any way. However, more than a few employees from McDonald’s have confirmed this is indeed true so I’m happy to run with this for now in anticipation of a long overdue comeback of these national Halloween treasures!

I have been championing the return of McBoo and friends for as long as I have been horror blogging, so if this indeed does happen, I’ll sure as shit be one happy nostalgic nugget. Speaking of nuggets, if they also include Halloween McNugget toys, I might just lose my ever-loving shit and officially mandate Halloween 2022 to be the greatest yet.

While we do have an inkling here they ARE on the way, I have no idea what they will look like. That being said, we will have to wait for the official announcement. In the meantime let’s bask in this glorious news and just hope McBoo makes an appearance for the 2022 Halloween season!

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*Edit- October 6, 2022

McDonald’s has indeed confirmed they are coming back on the glorious day of October 18th through October 31st! Make sure to check here for all the details and all the different fun ways to upcycle those wonderful pails!

22 thoughts on “It Looks As If McDonald’s Halloween Pails Could Be Returning For Halloween 2022!”

  1. Oh whoa, I would love this! If it does in fact come to pass, I want 2 of them, one for my 5 year old and one to put away because I know that he’ll find a way to break his!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lookin forward to this!! Def will be grabbing 1 of each😍 I wish they’d bring back the old nostalgic toys they were so cool when I was young. Actually mcds toys like the transformers or the actual pack of nuggets and was so much fun and simpler back then!! But this is a great idea!!

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  2. It’s about freaking time!!! I have been waiting years to hear triumphant news like this. I hated that they even stopped making them.

    Fingers crossed that this news comes true. 🀞

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    1. Definitely need this! I still have the original ones from back in the 2000s when I was little, my mom thankfully kept them and they are in the cupboard holding all my sprinkles for my baking stuff lol I also have the Monster High ones I believe just the Draculaura and Clawdeen one. We definitely need new ones! πŸ˜€


      1. I’m mntnce tech for 7 stores that is are book for Oct. We are definitely bringing back small quantities though so get them fast. Or you’ll be getting what ever old ass they have in back.

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    1. Ummm sorry but that picture is right. October 18th is on a Tuesday not Sunday. Not sure what calendar your looking at there, the 16th is on a Sunday lol.

      All in all just happy they are bringing them back. It’s about time for that to happen

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  3. I’m a manager for McDonald’s and I was asking around about this and I keeping getting a no. But we will see. I am hoping we do get them.


  4. that would be awesome if they brought the buckets back. i def would be buying one of each. now if the would bring back the garfield xmas stuffies and the muppet babys xmas stuffies i woulf be one happy camper right here. hell i may even start going to mcdonalds more often to. i miss the 80’s toy they use to give out in thr happy meals

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