Vintage Halloween Video: The 1977 Halloween "Safety" Film

Vintage Halloween Video: The 1977 Halloween Safety Film

I’m fairly certain these videos are the very reason why my generation suffers from crippling anxiety.

The seventies were ripe with PSAs that did way more than warn our youth of the dangers harboring inside society, but they also did a damn good job in ensuring we live on Prozac the rest of our lives. Serving up a full plate of OCD to those who watched these things, mainly in school (go figure), this 1977 short is no exception to the rule of thumb: ALL PSAs MUST GIVE THE KIDS ALL THE ANXIETY!

So I present to you, the 1977 Halloween Safety Video presented by Centron Educational Films!

We begin with what is apparently, the scariest costume of all! This little witch right here.

I mean, the mask is killer with an old-school vintage creep factor, those are always the best, however, what the narrator states here is that the girl’s costume is dangerous with a mask so hard to see through and such dark clothing at night. Which in respect, is right but I still laughed when this kid ate shit and dropped her bag full of PEANUTS in the street.

Leave them there kid. The peanuts are where they belong.

The PSA goes on to suggest alternatives and DIYs to ensure your costume is trick-or-treat in the dark ready, complete with writing your name and address on your sack of candy “just in case there’s an accident”.

Yeah because nothing ever bad came out of strangers knowing exactly where your kid lives. SHEESH.

Also, can we appreciate the look on this girl’s face when her mother throws her cool-ass mask in the trash?

This is why serial killers and hoarders exist folks.

While the information is good and well common sense safety procedures that still apply today, it’s a damn shame that wicked witch costume got shredded into something corny. Aside from that little nitpick, the PSA itself is filled to the brink of nostalgia with wonderful vintage Halloween treasures and Ben Cooper costumes as far as the eye can see.

That in itself is worth a watch. Enjoy an anxiety-inducing Halloween time capsule from 1977 nostalgic nuggets!

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