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I know I’m on a huge Batman kick now, either that or you all are just noticing my fascination with this character. He’s my all-time favorite superhero and now is the best time to be a fan.

With so many great cinematic epics under the Bat’s name and many more in the making as we speak fans have a lot to look forward to.

But Batman is a character truly blest with the best writers and artists. As long as they stay faithful to the lore they can re-invent the mythos for whole new generations and see the Dark Knight legend grow. From recent comic stories, video games, and movies the Batman is a triumph.

image via Bat In The Sun, “Batman: Dying Is Easy”

More recently a fan-made short film was just released and it’s taking no prisoners. It’s a call back to old motifs and stays true to the classic stories that we grew up loving, no, more like feeding our obsessions with.

With a surprising cast of fan-favorite actors taking on classic Gothamites, a stellar atmosphere that truly captures the feel of the comic book world of the Batman, and costumes, makeup, effects, and acting to rival a Hollywood production I can honestly say this is the best interpretation of the comics I’ve seen in a long time.

image via Bat In The Sun, “Batman: Dying Is Easy”

As I said there are some great callbacks to ’80-‘90s era Batman in this and to get a feeling for what I’m talking about click here and see all the dastardly things Joker has done over the years. In the meantime sit back and enjoy Batman: Dying is Easy.

I hear the team behind this project (Bat In The Sun) is planning even more for fans to flip out over. And after seeing what they did with this I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

image via Bat In The Sun, “Batman: Dying Is Easy”

They definitely have the Manic Seal of Approval.

Since its release on March 10, 2021, it’s already achieved over 2 million views and growing. So see what the buzz is about.

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Manic Out!