Time Travel To McDonald's In 1989 With This Home Video!

Time Travel To McDonald’s In 1989 With This Home Video!

Motley Crue/ Metallica shirts, conversations about Bill and Ted, and Ducktales McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys.

This home video is a nostalgic treasure of our time and generation so grab a seat and get an eyeball full of marvelous mullets and styrofoam plates of Hotcakes.

Recorded by a pair of friends in Huntsville, Alabama in 1989, future YouTubers Eric and Darrell grabbed a handheld recorder and documented a morning visit to their local McDonald’s for some Hotcakes and unbeknownst to them at the time, a trip down nostalgic fuzzies memory lane as we’re shuffled through a time capsule of what we remember what the fast food giant to be to us old fucks.

That brown board menu lives rent-free in my head at all times.

From the excitement of the driveway of heading out to what was at the time, the peak of our food pyramid’s golden arches (you know that 10-year-old feeling I’m talking about), passing by an old Sam’s Club, and the view of the old faithful McDonald’s play area from the highway, the video takes us back to a simpler time of when those warm apple pies cost a mere 28 cents and Ronald McDonald was plastered all over the inside of the walls.

Can we also take a minute to appreciate these glorious translites?


I honestly don’t even remember a country McChicken Sandwich but here we are: the evidence slaps me right in the face.

We gotta give a huge shout-out to Eric’s mom for being a good sport and that she’s almost finished watching JAWS, as per her conversation with the boys on the way home. However, I have to intervene here: While Bill and Ted are indeed excellent, Eric is right mom- EVIL DEAD 2 rules and still does.

It may have seemed boldly weird at the time for a couple of kids recording such an experience, but as time rolls on more of these videos seem to be popping up on the internet, like this Toy “R” Us home movie walkthrough. And I’m sure as shit glad they did.

I’m all for spreading the love so be sure to check out their other home videos and their revisit to that SAME McDonald’s as adults! They are indeed, doing the Nostalgic God’s work for us.


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