Happy Bloody New Year and Goodbye 2021- A Love Letter To My Nostalgic Nugget Fans

Another year around the sun has come to an end and while many of us are saying good fucking riddance to another monumental hot-mess of a shitastic year, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a voice in the horror/retro community that some appreciate and enjoy what I have to give to a world that’s so entirely messed up right now.

I began horror blogging in 2014, quite by accident actually. A friend had given me the cue that a pretty well-known horror site was looking for writers, and she thought I would be perfect for the position given my ridiculous jeopardy of knowledge on the horror genre. Never done it before, I figured I had nothing to lose so I went for it. And although the experience itself had its ups and downs, I’m very grateful for the ride and the knowledge gained from it. I became Editor for the site, but after a while, it was time for me to move on to focus on my mental health as the tasks at hand became too pressuring. Being a mom and also running a business with my spouse on top of being a top contributor/editor AND running social media accounts while getting yelled at for not being at their disposal at every minute of the day, was more than enough for me to take a break and work at my own pace. I guest spotted at a few other horror websites for a while, (you name it, I wrote for the guys) until the time came where I realized I wasn’t happy writing for all the “Big Boys”. Boys, being the word of the day here. Favoritism, egos, and competitive attitudes sort of took a lot of the joy out of it for me, (I want to add this wasn’t my experience everywhere, but the only ones I didn’t seem to have an egomaniac down my back was the ONE female-led one). You can’t be your best if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing by being cock-blocked.

There aren’t very many retro/ horror blogs run by females. Why not? Well, being in this business, it’s a tough one. It’s always been a man’s world- case in point when certain websites/podcasts found out the person running this one, in particular, was female, I was given the cold shoulder. Not sure why this is. But a girl can love horror movies too. A girl can be knowledgeable. And a female can build and run her own website.

I did it. And some of you seem to keep coming back to hear me talk about retro horror shit. And for that, I’m forever grateful for you giving me a chance to give you some escapism from a pretty crappy world we’re currently living in. That’s why I’m here. Probably why you’re here too. Nightmare Nostalgia was made as a break from reality. To reminisce about the things that make us feel good. To forget the bullshit that can sometimes consume our lives and all the other negative, click-bait crap you’ll see on the social media/internet.

This wasn’t easy for me to be this vulnerable and open, but I felt that those who come here to read my ramblings, deserve the raw honesty. I truly appreciate you guys and I have some exciting new things coming in 2022 for the website- perhaps, a physical location store-front….? It’s an idea in the works- one I’ve had for many years that I feel like it’s time to bring to fruition. Along with moving myself into a new home with my family, this next year will be chaotic. But, I’ll still be here. With my weird fetishes with Ecto-Cooler, McDonald’s Pumpkin Pails, and my undying love for Stephen King’s Silver Bullet. Also, if you have anything you’d love to see more of here, feel free to drop me a line here in the comments or send me an email. There’s a handy contact form here on the blog- so reach out!

Happy New Year nostalgic nuggets. Here’s to another year of me shitting on the Nightmare On Elm Street remake and holding films like Maximum Overdrive in the highest regard.


Don’t get caught on Billy’s naughty list! Perhaps those that contribute to this fantastic Kickstarter will be spared from a pair of antlers through the gut.

The producers of Silent Night, Deadly Night have teamed up with horror merch stalwart Fright-Rags to create a tabletop game based on the 1984 Christmas slasher classic. It’s available to pre-order through Kickstarter.

Working as a team, 1-4 players will need a strategy, bravery, and a little luck to stop murderous Santa Billy from reaching St. Mary’s Home for Orphaned Children! Roll the dice and make your move while Billy stalks along his path. Collect weapons, roadblocks, and snowballs to help your fight — and when that time comes, flick the spinner to determine your fate!

The board features five “kill zones” with new illustrations by Justin Osbourn, which will be revealed throughout the campaign. A deck of 30 action cards guarantees each game is unique, while a reversible board with a “naughty” drinking game version is available exclusively on Kickstarter.
“Over the last decade, the market for Silent Night, Deadly Night merchandise has exploded, meaning fans are still celebrating the film all these years later,” says executive producer Scott Schneid. “Adding a board game to the SNDN merch-verse is the perfect way for fans to experience the film in a new way.”

Schneid and fellow executive producer Dennis Whitehead are producing a 2022 reboot of the film alongside Anthony Mas, who led the design of the game. “It’s easy to learn, quick to play, and different each time you play,” notes Masi. “The Kickstarter features the exclusive ‘Naughty & Nice’ version, which offers a really fun spin on how the game is played.”

Fright-Rags founder Ben Scrivens adds, “I was really excited when the SNDN team approached us about working together on the board game, as we had already been thinking of entering that space. Anthony’s concept was already solid, so we had fun discussing all the different design elements and ways to make it even more fun and unique.”

Avoid being pushed by backing Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Game on Kickstarter before the campaign ends on January 13. Click here to contribute!

“Scream: The True Story” Gainesville Ripper Murders Doc Coming to Discovery+

We’re less than a month away from another Scream movie heading to theaters and the folks over at Discovery+ with their “Shock Docs” series are bringing us a taste of the grisly murders that inspired the Wes Craven film in an all-new documentary of serial killer Danny Rolling, aka The Gainesville Ripper.

“Scream: The True Story”  dives into the real-life horror of a murderer who believed he was possessed by a demon named “Gemini”. Beginning in 1989, Danny Rolling stalked and murdered eight victims in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Gainesville, Florida, including five college students. Rolling was eventually convicted and executed in 2006. Now, paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and renowned psychic medium Cindy Kaza join forces to uncover the truth behind Rolling’s claims that a demon made him kill.

Ya’ll. Geminis’ get a bad enough rap already.

how our clocks are black — Incidentally, here are MORE Exorcist III gifs. :D

Per the press release:

We all know the ‘Scream’ films, but the inspiration behind them is a terrifying true story that many don’t know,” said Shippy. “As we began to peel back the layers, the investigation became more and more disturbing. There was malicious, devious energy coming at us from every angle. It felt like pure evil.

“This was one of the most intense and challenging experiences I’ve ever had,” said Kaza. “We made contact with a sinister presence, and it was definitely the most manipulative spirit that I have ever worked with. I felt like I was being messed with during the entire investigation. It shook me to my core.”

Shippy and Kaza are the first to ever conduct a paranormal investigation at the campsite near the University of Florida campus from which Rolling stalked his victims, as well as inside his childhood home in Louisiana, where aggressive poltergeist activity plagues the current homeowners. Interviews with experts and those connected to the case, including Rolling’s ex-fiancée, reveal that evil has run in his family for generations. Shippy and Kaza are confronted by powerful malevolent energy during their intense investigation – could it be the demonic force that possessed Rolling, or is it the spirit of Rolling himself? Fearing for everyone’s safety, they call in a demonologist to conduct an exorcism and help battle off the evil forces.

Launching Friday, January 14 on discovery+, SCREAM: THE TRUE STORY is produced by Campfire Studios for discovery+. For Campfire, the executive producers are Ross Girard, Mark McCune, Ross M. Dinerstein, and Rebecca Evans. For discovery+, the executive producer is Cecile Bouchardeau Weiland.

Check out @discoveryplus on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and #ScreamTheTrueStory for additional content and updates. Follow @TravelChannel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Follow Steve Shippy on Instagram. Follow Cindy Kaza on Twitter and Instagram.