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This Beetlejuice Lego Maitland’s House Is Closer to Becoming an Available Set To Buy!

If there’s one thing that Lego is really sleeping on, it’s the untapped market of horror fans asking, or rather have been begging for years for these types of sets to be made for our creative indulgence of the plastic brick. Sort of a shame really. Even when this amazing Halloween Myers House Lego set went viral (thanks to the help of yours truly) and even caught the attention of Jamie Lee Curtis who also shared her enthusiasm for an official Lego set of the Myers house, it fell on deaf ears to the corporate Lego giants. But now, that could all change with this full-steam support on the official Lego ideas that has been gaining a lot of steam and is getting really close to becoming a reality.


The purpose of Lego Ideas launched by the Brick Master company is where fans submit their ideas and projects with the more support they gain, the closer the builds are to being made into real Lego sets. As of now this set submitted by a builder that goes by Pebbleman is sitting at 7,000 supporters, with one being Natalie Charle Ellis, who does work as Delia and Miss Argentina in the Broadway rendition of Beetlejuice.

Here’s the proposal product’s full description via the site:

Take a venture into the Maitland’s household, full of spooky surprises that will knock your socks off:

The House:

  • The iconic fa├žade of the Maitland’s rural house is recreated to be as close as possible, from its porch, Brick foundation, odd circular windows and towering entrance.
  • Open up the house to reveal it’s ghoulish interior; by removing one of the side window and chimney from the exterior you can get an even more ample opening to see even more face-on.
  • The first floor is a gateaway to the other side!! Having trouble with the living? Go inside Adam’s model and visit Beetlejuice’s tombstone (He just made Italian food, just for you!). Take a breather in the Netherworld waiting room to get a chance to talk to Juno in her office, your G-U-I-D-E to the other side!
  • The second floor is the house after it’s the postmodern redecoration of the Deetz’ family. Recreate the unforgettable Day-O scene or the grand wedding crashing finale complete with the crooked fireplace!
  • Replace the Stair handles with the buildable Beetlesnake and scare those pesky living critters once in for all!
  • Don’t leave the house!! There are Sandworms waiting to take a bite out of any hapless soul.
  • The final floor consists of the cozy attic, filled with string lights, Adam’s painstakingly accurate model of Winter River among other forgotten belongings.
  • In case of emergencies, draw a door, (Don’t forget the handle!) and knock three times for a one-way trip to The Netherworld.


Create your own ghoulish adventures with 11 minifigures: Beetlejuice (comes with Big Top Accessories and wedding suit), Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland (alongside their scary faces), Lydia Deetz (comes with a wedding suit), Charles Deetz, Delia Deetz, Otho, Harry the Hunter, Juno, Ms. Argentina and the Wedding Officiant.

Display the ensemble in a simple, yet aptly themed display stand.


To make the set feel straight out of the movie some props make their way in as lego pieces, the handbook for the recently deceased, The Afterlife newspaper, Lydia’s photograph, prints to detail the Maitland’s scary faces, a screen portraying Beetlejuice’s high-quality commercial alongside others.

At the time of this article, The Maitland’s House is only 3,000 supporters away from being Lego Expert tested and moving forward for a review. To support this project, and you damn well should, visit the link here, sign up for a Lego account, and scream Beetlejuice three times!