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We Need That Long-Forgotten Poltergeist Prequel Kane Origin Story- With Walton Goggins

It’s a tragedy that we NEVER got a villainous prequel to one of the greatest horror films of all time, Poltergeist, giving us an origin story of what is equally, the goddamn scariest horror villain ever. Don’t even try to fight me on this very right opinion: I will die on the hill that Henry Kane is the definitive underrated and most terrifying horror movie antagonist of the last 50 years. I know I’m not the only one that thinks this to be true. So why haven’t studios who are so keen to reboot and churn out 12 sequels to every damn property on the planet to make a quick buck, picked up on this note that a Poltergeist prequel film featuring the malevolent Kane, would not only be a pre-determined hit with fans but could potentially be the perfect way to reignite a masterful franchise that left us on a lowly note with the third installment and a not so great remake of the 1982 movie.

Well, let me in… Let’s talk about it.

On public record straight from the official Poltergeist III website, an industry insider by the name of Macklin Crux stated a script of Kane’s backstory was being developed in the early ‘90s. According to Crux, the story would have explained Kane’s descent into madness and his direct connection to the Freeling family putting all the missing pieces of the puzzle together that sort of left us hanging and only lightly touched on with Poltergeist II. Had the project gone through, we would have seen descendants of the Freeling family escape the clutches of a 19th-century cult leader with the help of an Indian Medicine Man, marking the future Freelings’ as a target for revenge.

Which makes perfect sense in regard to the sequel where Kane first appeared, showing his 10,000 teeth and scaring the ever-loving shit out of a generation and Taylor coming into the mix, as a present-day medicine man would know how to defeat the entity like his ancestors before him.

Seems like the perfect idea to reinvent the franchise but the project was killed off before anything solid scripts were written. Given the tragedy of the previous films and the untimely death of Heather O’ Rourke before even finishing the third movie, it was probably doomed from the start of even uttering the word, “another Poltergeist film” to studio execs. However, in today’s climate, I still feel like it would work and if MGM ever sprouts a pair of balls to move forward with it, I got the perfect actor to take on the daunting role of his “Holy Temple-ness”. We need someone that not only can pass as a younger Henry Kane, but has the acting chops to pull off a believable performance.

My friends, I do believe Walton Goggins is our man.

Goggins has proven himself to be an ever-changing chameleon- and a HIGHLY underrated one at that. The man has some serious range. From his award-worthy performance on Sons of Anarchy as a southern belle trans, a salty employee in Vice Principals, to a fantastic jerk-off in Django Unchained, and most recently his over-the-top character as Uncle Billy in The Righteous Gemstones, Goggins has the resume to take on such a pivotal role that could very well bring this franchise back to life again the way it rightfully should be. The man already has that important southern preacher-like accent and as seen in the photo above, wears those large hats quite nicely. Physically, he would just need to wear color-changing contacts, as Julian Beck’s eyes were that of a baby blue. Other than that, he’s a grand choice to fill those mighty big shoes.

Just in case it ever WERE to happen, I hope the right people reading this take at least take this into consideration. Seriously, hire the man and make all our dreams of a Kane prequel come true. Also, as a Poltergeist mega-fan through and through, I’m also up for hire as a consultant.

Thanks for your time.

‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey’ Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Announced!

Rejoice all you Nasties! Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too are back and they’re not at all how we remember them. Just like a malignant growth that silently mutates in the shadows so have the friendly duo we all grew up with grown to insane proportions with a perchance for murder and torment on their twisted minds. We’re no longer in the nursery here, my dear reader. Pooh is all grown up, like a whole seven feet, and is full of murderous rage.

This title is our newest entry into the slasher genre and, if you’re one of the OG readers, you already know how I feel about slashers. Bring them on! This little movie was something that caught my eye way back last year when it was announced. I couldn’t believe someone had the balls to do this. But fuck a duck am I glad they did. This sick little twisted movie is a rancid wash of toxic air, the kind that makes your mind warp out of control and is pure mutant material.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey has already garnered a cult following by its name alone. But if this week is any indication it’s earned that cult status and those few fortunates who saw it this week are already drooling from the corners of their mouths and are a clamoring for a sequel.

One night only, on Feb. 15th, this movie aired in specific theaters. That’s right. It’s already played and is gone. I just happened to catch its screening thanks to happenstance and looking over Instagram stories. I rushed my manic ass to the cinema, snuck in my snacks, and watched a modern-day slasher splatter piece. It was pure dumb violent fun.

This isn’t something for people pissing themselves for the next Hereditary film. This is a movie made for the Drive-In crowd and you know who you are, sick fucks. I’m one of you. Sometimes it’s necessary to watch sophisticated horror movies, but, on the other hand, it’s very good to just see a silly premise and lots of blood.

One thing people ask me about this movie is ‘Is it really violent?’ Like does to go there?

Yes, it definitely goes all the way. It does not shy away from the gore. It’s not Terrifier 2 in its degree of violence, but it’s a red-wet slasher film just like from yesteryear. Plus it has the decency to remember slasher films used to show us a little bit of T and A, as the Good lord intended. So this is the whole package. It’s also a slasher film set in the woods just like other great titles such as Madman, The Burning, and Sleepaway Camp.

Now if you missed seeing this play on its one night only reveal fret ye not. This Spring Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is being released in a big way. And you know yours truly had to get this special edition set. It’s the book. That little booklet alone made me slap down my hard-earned cash and secure my own copy. That and look at the handsome slipcase it’s released in. As well as a pretty poster.

But this special edition promises deleted scenes and a small making of special. In case you’re wondering if you should add this to your personal collection let me ask you this. Do you like slasher films? Lots of blood? Some inappropriate laughs? And are you a sick fuck like me? If you can answer yes to all of these then you’ll want to consider sliding this one on your shelf.

This isn’t fine dining as it were as far as movies go so don’t expect as much. This is a quadruple greasy cheeseburger with melted cheese still clinging to the wrapping paper and it’s full of pickles, onions, and lots of mustard and ketchup just to make your farts extra toxic. It’s not good for you but it’s good and you know you like it. That’s the kind of movie this is. A greasy delight that you might be ashamed of if you get caught enjoying it. But who gives a flying fuck? Enjoy yourself my Nasty.

So check out the link here and don’t let this escape your collection.

Manic out!

I Love You To Death: Exploring The Top 10 90s’ Obsessive Stalker Movies


Love is one hell of an emotion.

Everyone has their own “number one fan”. But did you ever notice in the 90s’ how obsessive- stalker-psychodrama films seemed to pop up one right after the other? Stalkersploitation was all the rage in this era and pretty much almost defined the decade in films. Hell even the biggest movies of the 90s’ like Titanic has some stalker tendencies with that asswipe Hockley and the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Albeit slightly different than the ones mentioned here, still the same ballpark.

Sorry Hockley, your money is no good here.

I truly am fascinated by just how many really GREAT stalker films there were in the 90s’. And the fact that so many of these are just brushed aside in passing in the horror community is quite astounding. Of course, horror is what you make of it, but the thought of someone infiltrating your very vulnerable space whether it be by an abusive/violent relationship with a significant other; or a serious traumatic event triggering an antagonist toward a selected victim, the case remains the same as far as the root of the issue: That is fucking terrifying and happens WAY more than anyone of us care to want to know about. That being said, these stalker psychodramas are right up there in terms of realistic true horror films as far as mentally screwing with you into paranoia; watching your back at every turn. So let’s celebrate with what I consider the best the decade has to offer.

10. Poison Ivy

Gonna kick off this 90s nostalgic journey with the first step into insanity with Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy. It sure is a guilty pleasure on a rainy Sunday afternoon in the Summer and a precursor to a slew of psychodrama teenage films that mimicked this formula soon after.

Ivy (Barrymore) covets her best friend Sylvie’s (Sara Gilbert) life and manipulates her way into her friend’s family; along with seducing the shit out of Sylvie’s father in an attempt to take her mother’s place- as her mother is basically knocking on death’s door with a harsh battle of emphysema. The film emphasizes on intense mood and character building as opposed to jumping right into the thills. However, the build-up is worth it. Poison Ivy is a necessity when talking about the infamous 90s obsession films, as it truly broke ground for some fan favorites to come along in later years. It doesn’t get enough credit. I’m here for you psycho Ivy.

Show Ivy some love and pick it up here!

9. Cape Fear


Let’s dive deeper down stalker street with a movie I’ve talked about before here on NN, Martin Scorsese’s reimagining Cape Fear. The all-star cast follows lawyer (Nick Nolte), his wife (Jessica Lange), and daughter (Juliette Lewis) through hell and back as De Niro toys and stalks each one after his lengthy prison sentence which he blames his lawyer (Nolte) for. Most notably, De Niro’s scenes with a young Lewis are goddamn skeevy, especially when he shows up at her school, and can be a hard watch as it heads straight into pedophile territory as he tries to manipulate the girl into playing the game with Nolte to rustle some father feathers. It works. It rustled ALL our feathers.

:Shudders: Pick up your copy here!

8. The Cable Guy

This might be an unconventional choice, but fuck it. It’s my list and I do what I want. And quite frankly, Jim Carrey as a mentally disturbed friend obsessed with Matthew Broderick’s character really cracked open the door for the actor’s range capabilities. Sure he was still hilarious (the password is nipple), but in a much darker tone as the movie trenched forward.

Chip, the cable guy (Carrey) makes Steven (Broderick) one of his preferred customers after Steven asks for a cable hook-up on the condition they hang out every so often. That “every so often” turns into a very intrusive, comical, and then sort of really disturbing type of relationship where things get a little dangerous for Steven and those who are close to him.

Fun Fact: The role of Chip was originally written for Chris Farley!

Grab your copy here!

7. Sleeping With The Enemy

Patrick Bergin is the goddamn devil and no one can convince me otherwise with those piercing eyes. A handsome devil? YES. But his character of Martin Burney is one hell of a nasty one.

Laura (Julia Roberts) and Martin (Bergin) seem to have a picture-perfect marriage. A beach house. High society parties. Black eyes for the wife. Oh, wait… Yeah. It’s that type of marriage. Things get so violent for poor Laura that she fakes her own death just to get away from this monster. Of course, there’s no movie without him finding out and then tracking her down to the new life she’s made- and a new love interest to boot. And boy oh boy, if you thought Symphonie Fantastique was creepy in The Shining, just wait for it.

Pick it up here on Amazon.

6. Single White Female

This movie may be the sole responsible factor for the downfall in advertising for roommates they don’t know. And with good reason nowadays.

Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda, Single White Female became a pillar for stalker thrillers of the 90s’, concocting the perfect formula for films that tried to duplicate this masterpiece years after. The roommate from Hell that basically takes over your identity tries to screw your boyfriend and kills your fucking dog is enough of a nightmare for anyone to even fathom. Truly one of the best here.

Grab it here!

5. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Peyton is such a dirty bitch that I love to hate.

Peyton (Rebecca De Mornay) had it all until it was taken from her under some seriously tragic circumstances. Her husband, a gynecologist with “traveling hands” is called out by protagonist Claire Bartel (Annabella Sciorra) which sets off a series of events leading Miss Peyton into revenge mode by posing as a nanny for the Bartel family. Peyton is clearly suffering a psychotic break brought on by PTSD, and while I’m a massive advocate for mental health, it certainly doesn’t excuse the atrocities of her behavior. I’d almost feel bad for her if like, murder and shit weren’t involved. Although I admit that I, and I think most parents did everywhere, cracked a smile when she told that kid bully she was “gonna rip his fuckin’ head off. “

Anyway, pick up one of my personal favorites here!

4. Unlawful Entry

Ray Liotta in my opinion, is one of the most underrated actors of the past 50 years and by underrated, I mean constantly snubbed by all film award ceremonies; and that’s a fuckin’ shame. I may not be the Academy (fuck them anyway) but I can certainly put his stalker thriller Unlawful Entry in the top five!

Liotta is Officer Pete, a cop who stalks couple Kurt Russell and Karen Carr after answering a failed burglary call from their home. I mean, the LAST person you really want stalking you is a police authoritarian who skates his way through loopholes and damn does Liotta put out a great performance of a mentally disturbed cop. Opposite the great Kurt Russell make this a must-watch for this genre.

Grab your physical copy here!

3. The Crush

Before she was “clueless”, Alicia Silverstone turned heads in this teenage angst psychodrama where she just couldn’t take no for an answer from Cary Elwes. The Crush is basically a more fun, Fatal Attraction for younger viewers and Adrian is right up with Glenn Close in her role as a psycho woman- except she’s only 14 in the film. Which just ups the creep factor even higher.

Cary Elwes rents a guest house from a wealthy family with a strong-head daughter Adrian (Silverstone). It’s clear from the start Adrian has some odd tendencies, but that becomes more clear as she seduces the much older Elwes over and over again in some really cringe-worthy ways. When she is rejected, enter stalker-level psycho Adrian who is pretty much going to make this guy’s life hell because she’s in love with him?! It’s a lot man. And it is so damn good.

Need a copy? As you wish…

2. Misery

Ahh, Annie Wilkes. The poster child for the obsessive fan in all of us. Well, except she takes it just a little too far.

Misery is the magnum opus in the horror community as far as obsessive stalkers are concerned and without a doubt, Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) is top-notch terrifying as she stalked her prey, author Paul Sheldon (James Caan). Wilkes staged an accident and held the guy hostage torturing him all along the way in the name of love. Well, whatever love means to a cockadoody brain like Wilkes. Which I suppose means imprisoning her obsession and forcing a narrative in her mind under her supervision. It’s fan servicing taken to a literal extreme. And I love it.

Get the collector’s edition from SHOUT! Factory here!



When anyone thinks of 90s’ stalker love, FEAR is the one that almost always comes up, and with good reason- it is goddamn insane and has every film trope done right a movie like this warrants: and ok, Marky Mark showing off his umm, skillful hands on a roller coaster is a nice added bonus.

This chest-pounding treasure of our childhoods was a stern warning to young female adolescents who are becoming impatient in their very normal sexual frustrations and need to feel loved. Poor Nicole (Reese Witherspoon) fell hook, line, and sinker for David’s (Mark Wahlberg) charm and Boston accent. Only later to reveal he’s an extremely dangerous, and unstable individual. Pretty much like everyone else on this list. Except he kills a dog. And not just kills it but beheads it. And that my friends, is the true epitome of evil. So congrats David, you piece of shit! You made it to number one!

Grab your physical copy here and at the time of writing this, is on sale for $1.88!!! Get it now before the price goes up!