[Trailer] A Wickedly Profound Transformation Awaits In Lovecraft Inspired Series “Black Goat”


Move on over Black Phillip. The wickedly intriguing series, BLACK GOAT is coming so we may all live deliciously in a series brought on by the filmmakers and writers of The Call of Cthulhu and The Purge: Anarchy. And it looks ABSOLUTLY TERRIFYING.

The H.P Lovecraft inspired eight-episode gothic horror series stars Jeff Berg, Eva Hamilton, and Josie DiVincenzo with a story that spans more than 400 years of an ancient alien power that possesses and corrupts the souls of men. Each episode is a different chapter in time, each it’s own whole and complete story, and yet still just a mysterious piece of a much larger puzzle. Only when all fit together do we see the true shape, the true size of the horror.

Synopsis Excerpt:

The story begins in 1607, in the small coastal English settlement of Fort George, Maine. A humble settler, Ephraim Waite, and his devoutly religious followers break from the colony to pursue a more pious life deep in the untamed woods of Maine. Once settled, Ephraim’s wife finds a large, seemingly bottomless tunnel in the ground. It is surrounded and overgrown with strange alien vegetation. She is drawn to it’s powerful presence, seduced by it. Ephraim learns that the natives in the woods believe it to be a passage to an evil underworld, a supernatural power they refer to as Kamog. The power begins to slowly corrupt the village, both his wife and child die, and soon Ephraim finds himself faced with the ultimate choice, to turn from the darkness and perish or sacrifice his mortal soul for a promise of god like power and immortality. To become Kamog.

With the power to possess minds, and leap from one body to another, Ephraim (Kamog) moves through time, decade after decade, body after body, in pursuit of bringing a powerful ancient God to an earthbound form. The power comes at a price however, only minds that are weakened, vulnerable either by health or emotion, can be taken over. Possession is not always successful, and often Ephraim finds himself trapped for years, forced off his path, and fighting to return with deceit, manipulation and murder his only options.

I don’t want to give much more away, but if you’re interested in learning further, check out the FULL SEASON ONE SYNOPSIS over at DestroyAllMedia.com.

Streaming locations and dates TBA.

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