Horror Vans Announcement: Here's How To Snag A Pair

Horror Vans Announcement: Here’s How To Snag A Pair

Last week, I shared the news that VANS had put out that a line of horror themed shoes from the company were being released in October. There wasn’t a whole lot of context to the announcement other than a few cool pictures and a vague release date. However, today via their Instagram, VANS is giving its fans a way to sign up for alerts on WHEN exactly the horror line will drop along with ore new RAD designs to be featured for the horror icon/skate shoe mash-up!

Along with a new bloody addition of their infamous Slider sandals, we have another option for a pair of Pennywise and The Shining shoes; Pennywise in an old school style with yellow shoestrings with, “You’ll Float Too, written all over it and a detailed Grady Twins slip-on style. Also note that not only does the horror collection involve footwear, but some pretty awesome t-shirts and hoodies as well!

While there still hasn’t been an official date announcement, VANS has opened up a special website showcasing the line and with signing up for alerts, you’ll get an email when the line will be available for purchase!

Head on over to VANS.com/horror to sign up!

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