Michael Myers And Laurie Square Off In First "Halloween Ends" Trailer!

Michael Myers And Laurie Square Off In First “Halloween Ends” Trailer!

Welp. We’re a day early, but not a buck short as the official first look at Blumhouse’s Halloween Ends just dropped and it’s already looking miles better than Kills even with just over a glimpse of a minute!

One full glorious minute of Myers and Laurie going Kill fucking Bill on each other offers just a shadow of what we may expect as we know this is Jamie Lee Curtis’ last hurrah in the Halloween franchise once and for all as the actress stated on her Instagram:

“A bittersweet END for me on the ‘Halloween’ movies. I’ve made great friends and have collaborated with wonderful artists on these three movies and today my part in the film has been completed and with it the END for me of this trilogy.”

Will Michael end Laurie’s character in the final installment, or will evil die tonight? Universal Pictures’ HALLOWEEN ENDS premieres theatrically on October 14, 2022.

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