(Video) Get Hooked On This RARE VHS Promo For Hellraiser Merch!

(Video) Get Hooked On This RARE VHS Promo For Hellraiser Merch!

One size fits all… Even Pinhead!

Welcome back to another round of rare VHS promos exploited unshamlessly here on Nightmare Nostalgia. If you’re new here, VHS promos are my kryptonite and I just can’t get enough like Depeche Mode. And this one here might be one of the more rare ones I’ve ever posted as it’s only ever been seen on the first run of VHS and Beta-Max tapes released in 1987!

Behold the sights I have to show: The Hellraiser “Watch and Wear” merch promo of 1987!

The informercial-like promo cuts into the end credits and opens with a crazy cat-lady and her, umm, beloved feline Percy leading us into a gorgeous amount of merchandise that would make any day in Hell a delight. With a variety that includes tee shirts, a thermos and mug set, duffle bags, and even a slick-as-shit SATAN, erm, I mean SATIN Hellraiser jacket. I’m pretty jealous of anyone who has any of these highly collectible horror items today.

With options to buy via phone or mail, that Hellraiser shirt is a damn steal at just $8! And I’m willing to bet it’s worth a few hundred at the very least today.

Check out the promo in its entirety uploaded by Youtube user, IntermissionSociety!

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