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VHS GOLD! The RARE Vidmark Leprechaun VHS Retailers Promo!

I found something better than a four-leaf clover here! In the spirit of 30 years of the Leprechaun movies, we as a horror collective, have struck VHS GOLD with the full bonus material from the very rare Leprechaun VHS retailers’ promo from 1993! I’ve personally never seen it until very recently and if you know me, you know this kind of shit is my kryptonite.

Pretty bold of me to put that out there if anyone wants to wear me down, eh?

Uploaded to Youtube by LUNCHMEAT VHS, the retailers’ promo was aimed at getting a buttwad of VHS copies into national chains/mom-and-pop video stores for consumers’ eyes to feast on. The promo pimping out Warwick Davis’ now iconic horror role went hard as fuck making this movie sound like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I mean, this Vidmark Lep bendy toy is a great contender for making that argument.

The promo’s narrating salesman was a bit off in his 12-15 million gross box office projection of the 1993 cult classic when the film actually only took home over 8 million, but that’s still a pretty respectable number for a low-budget horror film about a homicidal leprechaun!

The promo also features nationwide publicity stunts that including a couple of smaller fellows dressing up as the Leprechaun character marching in protest at the New York Stock Exchange.


Then, there are the highlights of the glorious tie-in promos available to the public because again, I’m a sucker for stuff too where restaurants like Domino’s and Subway got in on the Lucky Lep March Madness. And speaking of March Madness, The NBA had promotional LEPRECHAUN NIGHTS for fans as well as the NHL.

As much as I get a kick out of that, honestly my favorite part was this BOLD statement from “fan reactions”- “Leprechaun makes Freddy Krueger look like Mr. Rodgers!”

I don’t know how homeslice said that with a somewhat straight face but I thoroughly enjoyed that. Now:

Try as you will, and try as you might, If you don’t watch this retailer promo, you won’t be able to sleep through the night!

Leprechaun VS Candyman: The Horror Icon Crossover That Almost Happened

Imagine a world where two iconic horror urban legends crossed paths and possibly fought to the death over… well, I have no clue how that would have worked but hey, IT ALMOST HAPPENED.

Horror crossovers have always been more of a fan service with a guaranteed cash cow for studios for audiences of beloved characters. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they flop harder than Gingerdead Man VS Evil Bong. As ridiculous as the title sounds, its hard to fathom a serious and terrifying entity such as Candyman squaring off against the comical-horror that is the Leprechaun. Both Tony Todd and Warwick Davis are well-known thespian actors that take their roles very seriously and as silly as the premise sounds, I have no doubts they would have given it their all had both been on board with the idea. But, alas Tony Todd just couldn’t do that to the iconic character, and quite honestly- as much as much I wouldn’t mind seeing this, I gotta’ say he made the right decision.

Off the heels from the blockbuster Summer hit in 2003 of Freddy VS Jason, studios were eager to cash in another crossover so they started throwing around ideas. One of which, was this of course and it actually got pretty far along in the process as apparently, a rough-draft of a script was written and presented to Tony Todd himself. Of which he shut down almost immediately according to an interview with Dread Central.

Todd explained the immense respect he has for the character he portrays and that it would be a disservice to possibly tarnish the legacy Candyman has brought forth in the genre. And as much as my curiosity would peak into seeing this showdown, he’s right in the fact that it would very much so diminish the complexity and terror of one of the ONLY POC icons we have in the horror catalog.

The only thing the pair of films really have in common, is the studios both films were made under. Given them the opportunity to crossover without any legal issues. But that is as far as it goes.

I feel like writing this, I’m totally shitting all over the Leprechaun series and really, that couldn’t be further than the truth. Hell, Leprechaun 3 in Vegas (my hometown), is one of my favorite guilty pleasures to watch! I have the utmost respect for Davis and all the joys he has brought all us horror fans with what he did to that character. But in all seriousness, Leprechaun and Candyman just ain’t on that same level. Lep, is a comedy-horror. So of course, a crossover of any kind will work in that aspect. The Sweets of the Sweet, not so much. Guess if we ever want to see that happen, you better get on to downloading the Terrordrome horror fighting style game for PC.

Not much else to say about that, BUT since it’s St. Paddy’s Day here’s one of my favorite clips from the aforementioned Leprechaun 3!

Happy corn beef and cabbage day from yours truly, St. Patti Paultergeist!

I only get to say that once a year so let me have this, hah!