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These people pretty much had me at VHS transfers.

Channel 43 is an online public access station streaming on Twitch that focuses on horror, science fiction, and all the glorious things we here at Nightmare Nostalgia soak up and live by. The back to the past channel features short form video work from various artists while taking on the format of a television broadcast complete with commercial breaks, bumpers, news stories, PSAs’ and of course, host segments. All of this content has been transferred to VHS, circuit bent, and converted back to digital to create a consistent aesthetic throughout the entire broadcast.

Take a gander at this stunning strip of VHS aesthetic.

Per the press release:

Channel 43’s first showcase offers up an eclectic blend from both traditional filmmakers and conceptual video artists while maintaining a unified viewing experience. With video work by 20 artists from around the world, the project aims to bring a dose of variety to horror and sci-fi as well as expand the scope of what these genres can be.
Creator and director of programming, Sophia Gordon, has been blending analog and digital technology within her own video arts practice for over 7 years. Her first channel, Miller’s Grove Public Access, incorporated the style for a group exhibition in 2019. Since then, it has become a staple within her work as a curator. Working under the name TeleUphoria Media Network, Gordon’s main initiatives are to preserve a safe space for artists of all experience levels and to create more interesting opportunities for video makers. She runs annual open calls for her rotating lineup of channels and encourages a DIY sensibility that is lo-fi friendly.”

For more information and a downloadable TV guide with schedule, visit Telephoria.org/broadcasts!