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Well, here we are again nostalgic nuggets for part three of the neverending thread of visually appealing VHS horror movie art! I feel we could go on for at least 20 of these pieces and who knows, I just might! But for now, let’s dive right into it.

It was the Fall of 1990 and after a healthy lunch of Pizza Hut personal pans with friends and staring at the newly displayed Halloween decorations at Osco Drugs, it was time to head to our nearby Video Store in the mini-mall by our neighborhood, Action Video. This was a pretty typical Saturday afternoon for us. If we weren’t at the movie theater or comic book shop, local Mom and Pop rental joint Action Video was the place to hang out and an easy bike ride at that. The only difference was that the sights and smells of the October season were upon us and frolicking our way to the horror section of the store just slapped a little harder and gave me a rush of adrenaline. Or maybe it was the bubble guts from that deep dish pan I just scarfed down my mouth-hole. Either way, it was a good time. The only reason my old ass remembers any of this is that this was the first time I rented Puppet Master, a franchise that grew into an obsession for many years over those little homicidal marionettes. Of course, you don’t need much convincing from me if there’s a film about killer puppets, but the VHS artwork sure didn’t dissuade me either.

Roaming through the newly released horror movies, staring at the glorious box art that served as a pitch for said film beckoning us to take it home and traumatize our eyeballs was one of three ways we discovered some not-so-mainstream horror flicks. The others of course being word of mouth and horror mags such as Fangoria and GoreZone acting as our door to such movies as Popcorn and ReAnimator. With being said, here is another couple of stunning horror VHS box art worthy of being put on a pedestal!

Also, if you need a refresher, here’s parts ONE and TWO of this series.

Credit: @iwantmyvhs

That wraps it up for now- stay tuned for VHS COVER ART Part IV: The Final Chapter coming soon!

Now go rewind your videotapes.

We Need That Long-Forgotten Poltergeist Prequel Kane Origin Story- With Walton Goggins

It’s a tragedy that we NEVER got a villainous prequel to one of the greatest horror films of all time, Poltergeist, giving us an origin story of what is equally, the goddamn scariest horror villain ever. Don’t even try to fight me on this very right opinion: I will die on the hill that Henry Kane is the definitive underrated and most terrifying horror movie antagonist of the last 50 years. I know I’m not the only one that thinks this to be true. So why haven’t studios who are so keen to reboot and churn out 12 sequels to every damn property on the planet to make a quick buck, picked up on this note that a Poltergeist prequel film featuring the malevolent Kane, would not only be a pre-determined hit with fans but could potentially be the perfect way to reignite a masterful franchise that left us on a lowly note with the third installment and a not so great remake of the 1982 movie.

Well, let me in… Let’s talk about it.

On public record straight from the official Poltergeist III website, an industry insider by the name of Macklin Crux stated a script of Kane’s backstory was being developed in the early ‘90s. According to Crux, the story would have explained Kane’s descent into madness and his direct connection to the Freeling family putting all the missing pieces of the puzzle together that sort of left us hanging and only lightly touched on with Poltergeist II. Had the project gone through, we would have seen descendants of the Freeling family escape the clutches of a 19th-century cult leader with the help of an Indian Medicine Man, marking the future Freelings’ as a target for revenge.

Which makes perfect sense in regard to the sequel where Kane first appeared, showing his 10,000 teeth and scaring the ever-loving shit out of a generation and Taylor coming into the mix, as a present-day medicine man would know how to defeat the entity like his ancestors before him.

Seems like the perfect idea to reinvent the franchise but the project was killed off before anything solid scripts were written. Given the tragedy of the previous films and the untimely death of Heather O’ Rourke before even finishing the third movie, it was probably doomed from the start of even uttering the word, “another Poltergeist film” to studio execs. However, in today’s climate, I still feel like it would work and if MGM ever sprouts a pair of balls to move forward with it, I got the perfect actor to take on the daunting role of his “Holy Temple-ness”. We need someone that not only can pass as a younger Henry Kane, but has the acting chops to pull off a believable performance.

My friends, I do believe Walton Goggins is our man.

Goggins has proven himself to be an ever-changing chameleon- and a HIGHLY underrated one at that. The man has some serious range. From his award-worthy performance on Sons of Anarchy as a southern belle trans, a salty employee in Vice Principals, to a fantastic jerk-off in Django Unchained, and most recently his over-the-top character as Uncle Billy in The Righteous Gemstones, Goggins has the resume to take on such a pivotal role that could very well bring this franchise back to life again the way it rightfully should be. The man already has that important southern preacher-like accent and as seen in the photo above, wears those large hats quite nicely. Physically, he would just need to wear color-changing contacts, as Julian Beck’s eyes were that of a baby blue. Other than that, he’s a grand choice to fill those mighty big shoes.

Just in case it ever WERE to happen, I hope the right people reading this take at least take this into consideration. Seriously, hire the man and make all our dreams of a Kane prequel come true. Also, as a Poltergeist mega-fan through and through, I’m also up for hire as a consultant.

Thanks for your time.

{Watch} NBC Broadcast Of “Halloween 4” Fan Edit With Commercials!

Look, if you’re new here- Welcome to the wild world of Halloween 4 fandom where I hold this movie in higher regard than maybe should be allowed in the horror community. But hey, this is my blog godammit, and what I say goes: HALLOWEEN 4 IS THE GOAT FOR NOSTALGIA. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Youtube Channel Super Mega Halloween decided to honor Reverand Jackson and the holiest of entries with a beautiful fan-edit of a broadcast of Halloween 4 as it would have apperead as a movie of the week on NBC.

I nearly had a heart attack upon seeing this. If you’re new here, my undying love for Halloween 4 knows NO BOUNDS.

Anyways, this isn’t the first time thissort of thing has been done. Before discovering this illustrious retrolicious filled internet content, a blog called The End of Summer made a fantastic fan-edit of The Return of Michael Myers as well and I made it a point to share it on here, but the internet scumbags decided to take it away , I’m assuming for some sort of copyright bullshit.

Filled with that complete aesthetic feel of what we remember horror movies looking like on prime-time Friday night television, the fan edit completes that nostalgic feeling breaking with commercials that fall in line with a 1989 October airing, complete with horror hotline numbers such as Freddy Krueger’s 909-FRED and Grandpa Munster urging you to become a Jr Vampire!

The thing is even edited down to coincide with network FCC standards. That’s commitment folks. Pretty sure I have a retro phantom boner right now. Let’s enjoy this little internet treasure that everyone should watch this Halloween- or now. Hell make it everyday, I probably will.