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Nightmare Nostalgia’s Huge Halloween Giveaway!

When I began this blog almost four years ago, I never would have imagined it to grow like it did. I’ve written and blogged for all the major horror websites and magazines over the past 8 years, and in late 2017, I felt it was time to give myself my own space without any restrictions, and to welcome others who just ooze passion for both nostalgia and horror. So here we are. Now, sitting at 25,000 fans on Facebook I’m kind of beside myself and humbly want to thank each and every one of you. The fact that people enjoy and read my ramblings never ceases to amaze me. So if you’re a loyal reader or a newcomer, I want to thank you the best way I know how- by giving you free shit!

The contest will be held on Facebook and Twitter: To enter on Facebook, merely like, comment “shared”, and share this post in particularYOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME TO QUALIFY ON BOTH PLATFORMS. For Twitter entries, retweet this post with the hashtag, #NNHalloweenGiveaway. That’s it! Super simple- however, make sure when you share, your post is public otherwise it wont be counted. If you share on both platforms, that’s TWO entries for you! The giveaway will run from Friday, September 24th and close Friday, October 1st at 12 (noon) PST.

The winner chosen at random will be notified by being tagged in the original post.

Here’s all the cool retro goodies included in the prize package!

  • One original 1986 McDonald’s McBoo Halloween Pail
  • One MAD Collector’s Anniversary Horror Book
  • VHS Copy Of Carrie
  • Season 1 of Beetlejuice: The Animated Series DVD
  • Two DVDS Of Goosebumps: The Series (Notice the Hollywood Video sticker on one!)
  • Camp Horror Candle Exclusively From The Mystic Museum Camp
  • Fuzzy Gremlins Gizmo Keychain
  • Horror Mystery Mini Keychains- Annabelle and Nightmare Jack (An American Werewolf In London)
  • 1991 Universal Monsters Dracula Bendem Action Figure
  • Garbage Pail Kids Action Figure
  • BOO Enamel Pin
  • One Of A Kind Nightmare Nostalgia Custom Woman’s Tee in Large
  • BONUS: Surprise Trick or Treat Bag Handcrafted By ME! Not Pictured- While spoil the surprise, eh?

Some close up shots:

Good luck to all who enter, and thank you all for supporting a girl that just loves to spread nostalgic cheer with a little bit of horror and gore in the mix. Cheers Nostalgic Nuggets!

Celebrating 35 Years Of McDonald’s Halloween Buckets

Celebrating 35 Years Of McDonald's Halloween Buckets

Halloween in the eighties ruled. Being born in 1982, allowed me to live most of my childhood throughout the glorious decade, following being an angsty pre-teen during the Grundge era, and ending my adolescent years as the Class of 2000. I feel pretty lucky to have experienced this monumental changing of the tides, but one thing that has changed too much and I fondly miss, is the way Halloween WAS growing up. Most people could attribute that to, “eh, it’s never the same as when you were a child”; which is of course, true. However, some Halloween traditions should never have gone away- and that one is the McDonald’s Halloween Buckets.

I’ll never forget the first commercial I saw for these national treasures. It was during a CBS airing for Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, which I uploaded in its entirety WITH that commercial in the most cringe way possible, but hey, I tried. Anyways, I along with all other kids my age became obsessed. The arrival of October meant shopping for noisy plastic costumes with masks at our local Sav-On drugstore, Halloween community carnivals, Halloween parades at school, and of course McBoo and friends.

The orange bucket Happy Meals that originally were released in 1986, resembled that of a pumpkin and had a variety of three available; McPunk’n, a traditional jack-o-lantern face; McBoo, a ghost face; and McGoblin, the “scariest” of the three- which is the one I still have to this day!

The buckets themselves were nowhere near large enough to take on a night of heavy tricks or treats, but they sure were great storage pails and maintained a versatile function for the past 30 years. This little bastard went from holding my Polly Pockets and stickers in the 80s’, to pins, hair accessories, and makeup in my teenage 90s’, and circling back today in 2021, where I actually use it to hold my rather large collection of face masks. Not a terrifying Halloween mask by any means but considering everything, they’re just as scary these days.

While most know to believe the Halloween buckets weren’t available until 1986, that’s not actually entirely accurate. McDonald’s ran a test promotion in the Boston and New York area with prototypes of several Halloween Happy Meal Buckets from October 11 thru October 31, 1985. After a successful run, they were introduced nationally in 1986. They came back the following year after but for some reason were absent in 1988. Then in 1989, the buckets got a mild makeover with McBoo turning white and a new friend- the McWitch, complete with pointy hat on the lid!

In 1990, the buckets added some glow-in-the-dark flair to the designs, while changing the faces entirely to a more cartoonish look- one that I personally think is less than the originals, but not a bad second-place prize if these are the ones you had. In 1991, the buckets were replaced by vinyl glow-in-the-dark trick-or-treat bags, which get a LOT OF SHIT by Halloween bucket lovers, but I actually used this fucker for trick-or-treating and it served me well. The handles seem pretty flimsy, but this bastard held up for a full bag filled with Tootsie Rolls and Mr. Bones. So I can’t hate on them.

To keep in with the now tradition of refreshing the successful Halloween product, 1992 saw another makeover to McPunk’n, McBoo, and McWitch with minor facial changes, but with the addition of a new cookie cutter lid!

And that my friends, was the last time we got a quality Mcdonald’s Halloween Bucket. After taking yet, another hiatus in 1993, the pails came back, with a more “modern” makeover that just sort of plain sucked. McWitch looked like an angry cartoon drunk, and even though they still had the cool cookie cutters, it seemed less magical than their predecessors.

After this monumental modern fuck-up, the pails again disappeared until 1999, when they came back only as a duo, with no more spoopy faces. Instead, we got Halloween scenes that wrapped around the bucket featuring Mcdonald Land characters. On the upside, the cookie cutters were still there.

In 2001, the quality diminished further and the cookie cutter lids were abolished entirely. We got the same cartoonish scenes around the pail, but we got bat handles instead on the lid now- which although sort of cool, were so damn uncomfortable, cutting into your palms like Shakaka the Great White Bat trying to escape Ace Ventura’s hands while running through the jungle.

In 2010, Mr. Potato Head was apparently spooky enough to get a themed Halloween pail. This is where the downfall of a soft society began folks.

The 2011 pails were somewhat of a return to nostalgia with a pumpkin or a monster face, along with the again, gnarly bat handles. But that was the last time we would see Halloween-faced pails at all. Following years brought cartoon-themed buckets such as Scooby-Doo, Monster High, and eventually Minions pails. Then, the year that ended it all in 2016, the pails made their final appearance with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown– in which I guess if they’re gonna go out, at least it’s with a Halloween classic and not a damn Potato Head toddler toy.

It’s been 35 years since the nostalgic Halloween buckets entered our childhood Halloween fantasies and while these little pieces of big corporate plastic may seem trivial, they serve as a staple of fond Halloween memories for the kids of past generations. It would seem fitting if indeed, Mcdonald’s celebrated this milestone with a grand return of McBoo and friends, however, I haven’t heard of any plans to do so. McDonald’s was once, the king of fast food Halloween, and no one did better promotions for the favorable holiday than the french fry giants. I’m not sure what’s happened in recent years that the company has turned the cold shoulder to our beloved holiday, but it’s almost as if it’s become a traumatic break-up with an abusive ex. They barely acknowledge the holiday even exists anymore. In any regard, I’ve championed the comeback for as long as I can remember, and I’ll never stop fighting the good fight.

EDIT* October 4, 2022

Welp. After our heartfelt cries, it seems as if Mcdonald’s has finally heard our plight and the Halloween buckets are indeed making a return for the Halloween 2022 season at the house of Ronald!

Unearthed Video of Complete Walkthrough of Toys ‘R’ Us Circa 1991!

A few months ago, I shared a video I had discovered on the YouTubes of a short, but quite satisfying clip of footage shot inside a Toys ‘R’ Us shot in 1989. While it indeed induced sweet memories of running up and down the aisles searching for the prefect Ninja Turtle, it had us clamoring for more. Low and behold, the Gods of Geoffrey have bestowed the ultimate treasure for us nostalgic nuggets- a complete twenty-minute video walkthrough of the once gold mine of toys and games that will have you oozing nostalgia from your eye sockets!

The raw footage is filmed inside a Manhattan Toys’ R’ Us at Herald Center in New York the day before Thanksgiving, showcasing the Christmas season’s hottest toys and giving an inch on the dreaded Black Friday for most parents. It’s pretty amazing this video exists and it’s as if some random someone 30 years ago just picked up a video camcorder and started shooting knowing people like us today would be creaming our pants over this type of stuff. All I can think to say is, this person is a damn hero.

Brought to us courtesy of YouTube Channel btm0815ma, the reel highlights the best of the best and everything we can possibly remember from this now relic as children. We get a complete nostalgic gut-punch with WWF wrestling buddies and WCW figures, Ninja Turtles with Technodrome playsets, the universe of Barbie, and Lego sets of yesteryear! We also get to roam the bike aisles, (tell me I’m not the only asshole who rode those around the store) and I even caught a glimpse of those Universal Monsters PVC bendy figures!

Also, can we appreciate that the recorder spent a good amount of time in the World of Nintendo? Memories of taking those yellow tickets up to the counter to get your coveted game to take home to scream at that night were one of the greatest feelings in the early 90s’. We even get a shot of a ballsy woman taking a Gameboy out of its original packaging to get a closer look at it!


Then, we end the video with a thorough guided process of checking out and walking out into the streets of the city with a panoramic shot of the once beautiful Toys ‘R’ Us monument. It truly is, one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a long time, and proper high-fives to this Youtuber for unearthing this gem and sharing it with the world!

Enjoy as much as I did Nostalgic Nuggets!