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Stephen King’s “Silver Bullet”- The Criminally Underrated Halloween Movie

2020’s full moon came on Halloween, and a happy coincidence left me fully convinced in the All Hallows Blue Moonlight on a notion that I had always known deep down. That Stephen King’s Silver Bullet was truly a criminally underrated Halloween film.

Heh. I hope you read that in your best Jane voice.

Now, it’s obvious that the film itself models a timeline of sorts from the 1983 novella; which acts like a calendar of chapters rummaging through each month of this chaotic year where a werewolf is violently tormenting the residents of Tarkers’ Mills. The movie starts off in late Spring and the majority of the film is actually set in the Summer with a few big scenes leading up to and taking place on Independence Day. In which case, makes my argument here a tad trying but I’m here to fight and will die on the hill that’s forever a Halloween movie.

Midway through the movie, Fall sets in with the climatic final confrontation and ending landing on Halloween itself and although as stated, most of the film is staged at different points of time throughout the year, the last half of the movie really sells that Autumn ambiance flowing into the Halloween Full Moon final chapter. The changing of the leaves, that you can hear crunching in between scenes. The sinister aura surrounding the town is much heavier now giving off that Halloween lurking around the corner feeling- you all know exactly what I’m talking about. You can practically SMELL the Autumn atmosphere. Especially when we get to the last ten minutes or so of the movie where Jack-O-Lanterns and die-cut paper skeletons are seen outside the Coslaw residence.

So to me, it feels more like a Halloween flick than anything else. And I’m kind of pissed that AMC Fearfest opts to show Stephen King’s Carrie 20 times a month in October and Silver Bullet a mere ONE TIME. Sure, I get films like Carrie are more universally popular. However, the fact that Silver Bullet consistently gets the shaft both in the cinematic horrorthons and in the horror community, kind of bums me out. It’s underappreciated, underrated, and the best werewolf movie out of the slew of Lycanthrope films that came out in the early 80s’,

YEAH, I SAID IT. Corey Haim in a gas-powered motorcycle of a wheelchair and Gary Busey wrasslin’ reverend werewolves? Sorry but there’s no competition happening here.

Stephen King’s first hand-written screenplay from his own novella adaption deserves a little more respect this Halloween. Give it a viewing closer to the holiday and you’ll get the same Halloween ambient fuzzies as I do every time I watch it.

Pick it up here from Amazon if you don’t own this cinematic masterpiece yet!

Six Degrees of Slasher Seperation: Robert Englund Worked On “Halloween” 1978


Six years before Robert Englund strapped on the infamous glove, the Freddy Krueger actor had an uncredited role in the iconic John Carpenter “immortal classic”, Halloween.

Six degrees of slasher separation is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

As most seasoned Halloween fans are aware, the 1978 slasher classic was filmed in Pasadena, CA- and beyond the occasional slip up of a palm tree in the background, Carpenter and the crew did a bang-up jib of making audiences believe we were looking at a small town somewhere in the Midwest- the fictional Haddonfield. Hell, I was fooled as a kid before I actually knew better, because I thought Haddonfield was a real place until I was like, twelve.

To be young and naïve is also, such a beautiful thing.

Anyways, during filming Englund was a struggling actor in the Hollywood area, and through an interview with Access, spilled the blood beans on his connection tot he Halloween franchise- that he actually worked on set for one day as a volunteer with his roommate, throwing leaves around set to give the film its Fall ambience!

I actually had a roommate back when they did the original Halloween, the John Carpenter one. And he conned me into going to Pasadena one day with garbage bags full of dead leaves and we were working on the set of the original Halloween movie. Throwing the dead leaves around so it looked like Autumn, so it looked like Fall back in the Midwest.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty cool tidbit of horror trivia, and obviously the town of Pasadena, I mean, Haddonfield, was obviously spared a slasher duo of unbridled terror that day. That was more or less saved for the kids of Elm Street when Krueger met up with Voorhees in 2004.

Huge ‘Halloween’ Reunion Happening This October! Come Celebrate the Whole Franchise!

If you’re a fan of the Halloween franchise you’ll want to mark your calendars and plan a trip to Pasadena, CA this coming October! Courtesy of HorrorHound Weekend, fans of the celebrated slasher series will have a chance to meet many of the brave men and women who brought this classic franchise to life!

Cast members from all across this visceral series will be there waiting to meet up with fans who have kept this horror legacy alive and ongoing each and every October. And what luck! Just in time for the release of the newest Halloween movie, what better way could a horror fan usher in the spookiest time of year?

Wicked Horror
image via Wicked Horror

Come out and celebrate 40 years (can you believe it’s been that long already?) of Halloween – a cinematic masterpiece that single-handily kicked in the doors for all sequential slasher films to come – at the Pasadena Convention center between October 12-14th! Fans in the area will not want to miss this historical event, or you’ll regret it. You just know you will.

So start saving up and break open that fat little piggy bank. Plan a trip out to the West Coast and say hi to the men who stepped behind the mask and gave life to one of horror’s most cherished icons!

Huge Halloween Reunion Happening This October! Don't Miss This One!
image via Halloween40.com

This is something horror fans will be talking about for years to come.

If I can please be candor here, this is just awesome. HorrorHound deserves our thanks for making this happen for the fans. Check out the link below and see the guests already planning to be there. And who knows what further surprises are still yet in store?!